Jun 19, 2018

Narrater: (Abu Huraira) Hadidth No: (719)

I have loved the people of the tribe of Bani Tamim ever since I heard, three things, Allah's Apostle said about them. I heard him saying, These people (of the tribe of Bani Tamim) would stand firm against Ad-Dajjal.'' When the Sadaqat (gifts of charity) from that tribe came, Allah's Apostle said, ''These are the Sadaqat (i.e. charitable gifts) of our folk.'' Aisha had a slave-girl from that tribe, and the Prophet said to Aisha, ''Manumit her as she is a descendant of Ishmael (the Prophet).''

Jun 18, 2018

Narrater: (Ibn Muhairiz) Hadidth No: (718)

I saw Abu Said and asked him about coitus interruptus. Abu Said said, ''We went with Allah's Apostle, in the Ghazwa of Barli Al-Mustaliq and we captured some of the Arabs as captives, and the long separation from our wives was pressing us hard and we wanted to practice coitus interruptus. We asked Allah's Apostle (whether it was permissible). He said, ''It is better for you not to do so. No soul, (that which Allah has) destined to exist, up to the Day of Resurrection, but will definitely come, into existence.''

Jun 17, 2018

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