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Narrater: (Abu Shihab) Hadidth No: (639)

I left for Mecca for Hajj-at-Tamattu' assuming Ihram for Umra. I reached Mecca three days before the day of Tarwiya (8th Dhul-Hijja). Some people of Mecca said to me, ''Your Hajj will be like the Hajj performed by the people of Mecca (i.e. you will lose the superiority of assuming Ihram from the Miqat). So I went to Ata' asking him his view about it. He said, ''Jabir bin Abdullah narrated to me, I performed Hajj with Allah's Apostle on the day when he drove camels with him. The people had assumed Ihram for Hajj-al-Ifrad. The Prophet ordered them to finish their Ihram after Tawaf round the Ka'ba, and between Safa and Marwa and to cut short their hair and then to stay there (in Mecca) as non-Muhrims till the day of Tarwiya (i.e. 8th of Dhul-Hijja) when they would assume Ihram for Hajj and they were ordered to make the Ihram with which they had come as for Umra only. They asked, How can we make it Umra (Tamattu') as we have intended to perform Hajj?' The Prophet said, Do what I have ordered you. Had I not brought the Hadi with me, I would have done the same, but I cannot finish my Ihram till the Hadi reaches its destination (i.e. is slaughtered).' So, they did (what he ordered them to do).''

Dec 26, 2015

Narrater: (Shu'ba) Hadidth No: (638)

Abu Jamra Nasr bin Imran Ad-Duba'i said, ''I intended to perform Hajj-at-Tamattu' and the people advised me not to do so. I asked Ibn Abbas regarding it and he ordered me to perform Hajj-at-Tammatu'. Later I saw in a dream someone saying to me, Hajj-Mabrur (Hajj performed in accordance with the Prophet's tradition without committing sins and accepted by Allah) and an accepted Umra.' So I told that dream to Ibn Abbas. He said, This is the tradition of Abu-l-Qasim.' Then he said to me, Stay with me and I shall give you a portion of my property.' '' I (Shu'ba) asked, ''Why (did he invite you)?'' He (Abu Jamra) said, ''Because of the dream which I had seen.''

Al-Quran- Sura No(13), Ayat(33)

Is He Who is aware of the deserts of every soul as he who is aware of nothing? Yet they ascribe unto Allah partners. Say: Name them. Is it that ye would inform Him of something which He knoweth not in the earth? Or is it but a way of speaking? Nay but their contrivance is made seeming fair for those who disbelieve and they are kept from the right road. He whom Allah sendeth astray, for him there is no guide.

Dec 25, 2015

Narrater: (Ibn Umar) Hadidth No: (637)

Hafsa the wife of the Prophet said, ''O Allah's Apostle! Why have the people finished their Ihram after performing Umra but you have not finished your Ihram after performing Umra?'' He replied, ''I have matted my hair and garlanded my Hadi. So I will not finish my Ihram till I have slaughtered (my Hadi). ''

Dec 24, 2015

Al-Quran- Sura No(13), Ayat(31)

Had it been possible for a Lecture to cause the mountains to move, or the earth to be torn asunder, or the dead to speak, this Qur'an would have done so. Nay, but Allah's is the whole command. Do not those who believe know that, had Allah willed, He could have guided all mankind? As for those who disbelieve, disaster ceaseth not to strike them because of what they do, or it dwelleth near their home until the threat of Allah come to pass. Lo! Allah faileth not to keep the tryst.

Dec 23, 2015

Narrater: (Ibn Abbas) Hadidth No: (635)

The people (of the Pre-lslamic Period) used to think that to perform Umra during the months of Hajj was one of the major sins on earth. And also used to consider the month of Safar as a forbidden (i.e. sacred) month and they used to say, ''When the wounds of the camel's back heal up (after they return from Hajj) and the signs of those wounds vanish and the month of Safar passes away then (at that time) Umra is permissible for the one who wishes to perform it.'' In the morning of the 4th of Dhul-Hijja, the Prophet and his companions reached Mecca, assuming Ihram for Hajj and he ordered his companions to make their intentions of the Ihram for'Umra only (instead of Hajj) so they considered his order as something great and were puzzled, and said, ''O Allah's Apostle! What kind (of finishing) of Ihram is allowed?'' The Prophet replied, ''Finish the Ihram completely like a non-Muhrim (you are allowed everything).''

Al-Quran- Sura No(13), Ayat(30)

Thus We send thee O Muhammad unto a nation, before whom other nations have passed away, that thou mayst recite unto them that which We have inspired in thee, while they are disbelievers in the Beneficent. Say: He is my Lord; there is no God save Him. In Him do I put my trust and unto Him is my recourse.

Dec 22, 2015

Narrater: (Marwan bin Al-Hakam) Hadidth No: (634)

I saw Uthman and Ali. Uthman used to forbid people to perform Hajj-at-Tamattu' and Hajj-al-Qiran (Hajj and Umra together), and when Ali saw (this act of Uthman), he assumed Ihram for Hajj and Umra together saying, ''Lubbaik for Umra and Hajj,'' and said, ''I will not leave the tradition of the Prophet on the saying of somebody.''

Dec 21, 2015

Narrater: (Aisha) Hadidth No: (633)

We set out with Allah's Apostles (to Mecca) in the year of the Prophet's Last Hajj. Some of us had assumed Ihram for Umra only, some for both Hajj and Umra, and others for Hajj only. Allah's Apostle assumed Ihram for Hajj. So whoever had assumed Ihram for Hajj or for both Hajj and Umra did not finish the Ihram till the day of sacrifice. (See Hadith No. 631, 636, and 639).

Dec 20, 2015

Narrater: (Al-Aswad) Hadidth No: (632)

Aisha said, We went out with the Prophet (from Medina) with the intention of performing Hajj only and when we reached Mecca we performed Tawaf round the Kaba and then the Prophet ordered those who had not driven the Hadi along with them to finish their Ihram. So the people who had not driven the Hadi along with them finished their Ihram. The Prophet's wives, too, had not driven the Hadi with them, so they too, finished their Ihram.'' Aisha added, ''I got my menses and could not perform Tawaf round the Ka'ba.'' So when it was the night of Hasba (i.e. when we stopped at Al-Muhassab), I said, O Allah's Apostle! Everyone is returning after performing Hajj and Umra but I am returning after performing Hajj only.' He said, Didn't you perform Tawaf round the Ka'ba the night we reached Mecca?' I replied in the negative. He said, Go with your brother to Tan'im and assume the Ihram for'Umra, (and after performing it) come back to such and such a place.' On that Safiya said, I feel that I will detain you all.' The Prophet said, O Aqra Halqa! Didn't you perform Tawaf of the Ka'ba on the day of sacrifice? (i.e. Tawaf-al-ifada) Safiya replied in the affirmative. He said, (to Safiya). There is no harm for you to proceed on with us.' '' Aisha added, ''(after returning from Umra), the Prophet met me while he was ascending (from Mecca) and I was descending to it, or I was ascending and he was descending.''

Dec 19, 2015

Narrater: (Al-Qasim bin Muhammad) Hadidth No: (631)

Aisha said, ''We set out with Allah's Apostles in the months of Hajj, and (in) the nights of Hajj, and at the time and places of Hajj and in a state of Hajj. We dismounted at Sarif (a village six miles from Mecca). The Prophet then addressed his companions and said, ''Anyone who has not got the Hadi and likes to do Umra instead of Hajj may do so (i.e. Hajj-al-Tamattu) and anyone who has got the Hadi should not finish the Ihram after performing Umra). (i.e. Hajj-al-Qiran). Aisha added, ''The companions of the Prophet obeyed the above (order) and some of them (i.e. who did not have Hadi) finished their Ihram after Umra.'' Allah's Apostle and some of his companions were resourceful and had the Hadi with them, they could not perform Umra (alone) (but had to perform both Hajj and Umra with one Ihram). Aisha added, ''Allah's Apostle came to me and saw me weeping and said, ''What makes you weep, O Hantah?'' I replied, ''I have heard your conversation with your companions and I cannot perform the Umra.'' He asked, ''What is wrong with you?' I replied, I do not offer the prayers (i.e. I have my menses).' He said, It will not harm you for you are one of the daughters of Adam, and Allah has written for you (this state) as He has written it for them. Keep on with your intentions for Hajj and Allah may reward you that.'' Aisha further added, ''Then we proceeded for Hajj till we reached Mina and I became clean from my menses. Then I went out from Mina and performed Tawaf round the Ka'ba.'' Aisha added, ''I went along with the Prophet in his final departure (from Hajj) till he dismounted at Al-Muhassab (a valley outside Mecca), and we too, dismounted with him.'' He called Abdur-Rahman bin Abu Bakr and said to him, Take your sister outside the sanctuary of Mecca and let her assume Ihram for Umra, and when you had finished Umra, return to this place and I will wait for you both till you both return to me.' '' Aisha added, So we went out of the sanctuary of Mecca and after finishing from the Umra and the Tawaf we returned to the Prophet at dawn. He said, Have you performed the Umra?' We replied in the affirmative. So he announced the departure amongst his companions and the people set out for the journey, and the Prophet: too left for Medina.\''

Dec 18, 2015

Narrater: (Abu Musa) Hadidth No: (630)

The Prophet sent me to some people in Yemen and when I returned, I found him at Al-Batha. He asked me, ''With what intention have you assumed Ihram (i.e. for Hajj or for Umra or for both?'') I replied, ''I have assumed Ihram with an intention like that of the Prophet.'' He asked, ''Have you a Hadi with you?'' I replied in the negative. He ordered me to perform Tawaf round the Ka'ba and between Safa and Marwa and then to finish my Ihram. I did so and went to a woman from my tribe who combed my hair or washed my head. Then, when Umar came (i.e. became Caliph) he said, ''If we follow Allah's Book, it orders us to complete Hajj and Umra; as Allah says: ''Perform the Hajj and Umra for Allah.'' (2.196). And if we follow the tradition of the Prophet who did not finish his Ihram till he sacrificed his Hadi.''

Dec 17, 2015

Narrater: (Anas bin Malik) Hadidth No: (629)

Ali came to the Prophet (p.b.u.h) from Yemen (to Mecca). The Prophet asked Ali, ''With what intention have you assumed Ihram?'' Ali replied, ''I have assumed Ihram with the same intention as that of the Prophet.'' The Prophet said, ''If I had not the Hadi with me I would have finished the Ihram.'' Muhammad bin Bakr narrated extra from Ibn Juraij, ''The Prophet said to Ali, ''With what intention have you assumed the Ihram, O Ali?'' He replied, ''With the same (intention) as that of the Prophet.'' The Prophet said, ''Have a Hadi and keep your Ihram as it is.''

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Narrater: (Aisha) Hadidth No: (627)

(the wife of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) We set out with the Prophet in his last Hajj and we assumed Ihram for Umra. The Prophet then said, ''Whoever has the Hadi with him should assume Ihram for Hajj along with Umra and should not finish the Ihram till he finishes both.'' I was menstruating when I reached Mecca, and so I neither did Tawaf round the Ka'ba nor Tawaf between Safa and Marwa. I complained about that to the Prophet on which he replied, ''Undo and comb your head hair, and assume Ihram for Hajj (only) and leave the Umra.'' So, I did so. When we had performed the Hajj, the Prophet sent me with my brother Abdur-Rahman bin Abu Bakr to Tan'im. So I performed the Umra. The Prophet said to me, ''This Umra is instead of your missed one.'' Those who had assumed Ihram for Umra (Hajj-atTamattu) performed Tawaf round the Ka'ba and between Safa and Marwa and then finished their Ihram. After returning from Mina, they performed another Tawaf (between Safa and Marwa). Those who had assumed Ihram for Hajj and Umra together (Hajj-al-Qiran) performed only one Tawaf (between Safa and Marwa).

Dec 14, 2015

Narrater: (Mujahid) Hadidth No: (626)

I was in the company of Ibn Abbas and the people talked about Ad-Dajjal and said, ''Ad-Dajjal will come with the word Kafir (non-believer) written in between his eyes.'' On that Ibn Abbas said, ''I have not heard this from the Prophet but I heard him saying, As if I saw Moses just now entering the valley reciting Talbyia. ''

Dec 13, 2015

Narrater: (Nafi') Hadidth No: (625)

Whenever Ibn Umar intended to go to Mecca he used to oil himself with a sort of oil that had no pleasant smell, then he would go to the Mosque of Al-Hulaita and offer the prayer, and then ride. When he mounted well on his Mount and the Mount stood up straight, he would proclaim the intention of assuming Ihram, and he used to say that he had seen the Prophet doing the same.

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Narrater: (Anas bin Malik) Hadidth No: (623)

Allah's Apostle offered four Rakat of Zuhr prayer at Medina and we were in his company, and two Rakat of the Asr prayer at Dhul-Hulaifa and then passed the night there till it was dawn; then he rode, and when he reached Al-Baida', he praised and glorified Allah and said Takbir (i.e. Alhamdu-lillah and Subhanallah(1) and Allahu-Akbar). Then he and the people along with him recited Talbiya with the intention of performing Hajj and Umra. When we reached (Mecca) he ordered us to finish the lhram (after performing the Umra) (only those who had no Hadi (animal for sacrifice) with them were asked to do so) till the day of Tarwiya that is 8th Dhul-Hijja when they assumed Ihram for Hajj. The Prophet sacrificed many camels (slaughtering them) with his own hands while standing. While Allah's Apostle was in Medina he sacrificed two horned rams black and white in color in the Name of Allah.''

Dec 10, 2015

Al-Quran- Sura No(13), Ayat(17)

He sendeth down water from the sky, so that valleys flow according to their measure, and the flood beareth on its surface swelling foam - from that which they smelt in the fire in order to make ornaments and tools riseth a foam like unto it - thus Allah coineth the similitude of the true and the false. Then, as for the foam, it passeth away as scum upon the banks, while, as for that which is of use to mankind, it remaineth in the earth. Thus Allah coineth the similitudes.

Dec 9, 2015

Narrater: (Abdullah bin Umar) Hadidth No: (621)

The Talbiya of Allah's Apostle was : Labbaika Allahumma labbaik, Labbaika la sharika Laka labbaik, Inna-l-hamda wan-ni'mata Laka walmu Lk, La sharika Laka' (I respond to Your call O Allah, I respond to Your call, and I am obedient to Your orders, You have no partner, I respond to Your call All the praises and blessings are for You, All the sovereignty is for You, And You have no partners with you.

Al-Quran- Sura No(13), Ayat(16)

Say O Muhammad: Who is Lord of the heavens and the earth? Say: Allah. Say: Take ye then others beside Him for protectors, which, even for themselves, have neither benefit nor hurt? Say: Is the blind man equal to the seer, or is darkness equal to light? Or assign they unto Allah partners who created the like of His creation so that the creation which they made and His creation seemed alike to them? Say: Allah is the Creator of all things, and He is the One, the Almighty.

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Narrater: (Abdullah bin Abbas) Hadidth No: (617)

The Prophet with his companions started from Medina after combing and oiling his hair and putting on two sheets of lhram (upper body cover and waist cover). He did not forbid anyone to wear any kind of sheets except the ones colored with saffron because they may leave the scent on the skin. And so in the early morning, the Prophet mounted his Mount while in Dhul-Hulaifa and set out till they reached Baida', where he and his companions recited Talbiya, and then they did the ceremony of Taqlid (which means to put the colored garlands around the necks of the Budn (camels for sacrifice). And all that happened on the 25th of Dhul-Qa'da. And when he reached Mecca on the 4th of Dhul-Hijja he performed the Tawaf round the Ka'ba and performed the Tawaf between Safa and Marwa. And as he had a Badana and had garlanded it, he did not finish his Ihram. He proceeded towards the highest places of Mecca near Al-Hujun and he was assuming the Ihram for Hajj and did not go near the Ka'ba after he performed Tawaf (round it) till he returned from Arafat. Then he ordered his companions to perform the Tawaf round the Ka'ba and then the Tawaf of Safa and Marwa, and to cut short the hair of their heads and to finish their Ihram. And that was only for those people who had not garlanded Budn. Those who had their wives with them were permitted to contact them (have sexual intercourse), and similarly perfume and (ordinary) clothes were permissible for them.

Dec 4, 2015

06 - Muhammad [SAW] - Year Of Sorrow Intro

They have won over Hamza bin abdul Muttalib and umar ibn al-khattab; things are getting out of control, they realised they’re not going anywhere with a man like Muhammad saw, we tried to speak to you nicely, we tried to offer you so many offers, we tried to give you this, we tried to give you that, we asked you of this and you refused and we asked you of that and you refused so they made it clear it’s either us or you, it’s either you vanish us or we’re going to vanish you, that’s it and that led them to the signing of the embargo against Muhammad saw because Quraysh now officially requested banu hashim to hand over Muhammad saw to kill him, obviously banu hashim refused, they came out with a new method of torture; a new method of persecution which was the boycott, the leaders of Quraysh got together with abu jahl and ubay ibn khalaf and including abu lahab and agreed to boycott the family of the prophet Muhammad saw to boycott the tribe of abd manaf, their muslims and their non-muslims and the followers of Muhammad saw, of the seventh year after the message began and it was that no one would deal with them, no trade would be conducted between them and no one would marry of them or to them, until they give up the prophet Muhammad saw, they used to hear the weeping and the crying of the children of the family of abd manaf and the muslims from distance away, the women used to scream because there was no food; starvation, and it is reported by sa’ad ibn abi waqqas that we were so hungry that we used to eat leaves of trees and these were mushrikeen by the way bani hashim and bani Muttalib, many of them were non-muslims and they went through all of this why because they refused to hand over Muhammad saw.

Dec 3, 2015

Narrater: (Abdullah bin Umar) Hadidth No: (615)

A man asked, ''O Allah's Apostle! What kind of clothes should a Muhrim wear?'' Allah's Apostle replied, ''He should not wear a shirt, a turban, trousers, a headcloak or leather socks except if he can find no slippers, he then may wear leather socks after cutting off what might cover the ankles. And he should not wear clothes which are scented with saffron or Wars (kinds of Perfumes) . ''

Dec 2, 2015

05 - Muhammad [SAW] - Islam Of Hamza And Umar Intro

Some of them were killed and some of them were tortured and some of them were punished and some of them were persecuted, all that because of saying: always after every hardship there’s an ease and that great fruit comes by two great men from the people of Quraysh, that the people of Quraysh not only did they used to respect but also feared, Hamza, Hamza ibn abdul Muttalib and umar ibn al-khattab, Hamza bin abdul Muttalib, he was a hunter, so one day when he was out hunting, abu jahl approached Rasullullah saw and started cursing Muhammad saw while the messenger of allah was silent, Rasullullah saw would not respond to the ignorant words, abu jahl then threw as tone; a rock at Muhammad saw and hit him in his head and Rasullullah saw was bleeding, a slave girl saw that and when Hamza came back from hunting, she went and told him the whole story, he got so angry, he went straight to Makkah; next to the Khabah where all the leaders of Makkah were sitting and abu jahl was amongst them and straightaway he went to abu jahl and said to him: abu jahl is it true that you physically and verbally abused my nephew, he said yes so with his bow he hit abu jahl and he said hit me back if you can, and he said: and I am now following the religion of Muhammad, when Hamza said that; he didn’t say it out of conviction, he said it out of pride, he said it to anger abu jahl, and Hamza ibn abdul Muttalib when that happened and blood was starting to flow out of the head of abu jahl, banu makhzoom the relatives of abu jahl stood up to fight Hamza but then banu hashim stood up to protect Hamza and they were about to fight until abu jahl interfered and said: no leave abu ammarah alone, leave Hamza alone because I did shamelessly attack his nephew Muhammad saw,

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