Dec 26, 2015

Narrater: (Shu'ba) Hadidth No: (638)

Abu Jamra Nasr bin Imran Ad-Duba'i said, ''I intended to perform Hajj-at-Tamattu' and the people advised me not to do so. I asked Ibn Abbas regarding it and he ordered me to perform Hajj-at-Tammatu'. Later I saw in a dream someone saying to me, Hajj-Mabrur (Hajj performed in accordance with the Prophet's tradition without committing sins and accepted by Allah) and an accepted Umra.' So I told that dream to Ibn Abbas. He said, This is the tradition of Abu-l-Qasim.' Then he said to me, Stay with me and I shall give you a portion of my property.' '' I (Shu'ba) asked, ''Why (did he invite you)?'' He (Abu Jamra) said, ''Because of the dream which I had seen.''


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