Dec 2, 2015

05 - Muhammad [SAW] - Islam Of Hamza And Umar Intro

Some of them were killed and some of them were tortured and some of them were punished and some of them were persecuted, all that because of saying: always after every hardship there’s an ease and that great fruit comes by two great men from the people of Quraysh, that the people of Quraysh not only did they used to respect but also feared, Hamza, Hamza ibn abdul Muttalib and umar ibn al-khattab, Hamza bin abdul Muttalib, he was a hunter, so one day when he was out hunting, abu jahl approached Rasullullah saw and started cursing Muhammad saw while the messenger of allah was silent, Rasullullah saw would not respond to the ignorant words, abu jahl then threw as tone; a rock at Muhammad saw and hit him in his head and Rasullullah saw was bleeding, a slave girl saw that and when Hamza came back from hunting, she went and told him the whole story, he got so angry, he went straight to Makkah; next to the Khabah where all the leaders of Makkah were sitting and abu jahl was amongst them and straightaway he went to abu jahl and said to him: abu jahl is it true that you physically and verbally abused my nephew, he said yes so with his bow he hit abu jahl and he said hit me back if you can, and he said: and I am now following the religion of Muhammad, when Hamza said that; he didn’t say it out of conviction, he said it out of pride, he said it to anger abu jahl, and Hamza ibn abdul Muttalib when that happened and blood was starting to flow out of the head of abu jahl, banu makhzoom the relatives of abu jahl stood up to fight Hamza but then banu hashim stood up to protect Hamza and they were about to fight until abu jahl interfered and said: no leave abu ammarah alone, leave Hamza alone because I did shamelessly attack his nephew Muhammad saw,


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