May 31, 2017

Narrater: (Jabir) Hadidth No: (337)

Abdullah bin Amr bin Haram died and was in debt to others. I asked the Prophet to intercede with his creditors for some reduction in the debts. The Prophet requested them (to reduce the debts) but they refused. The Prophet said to me, ''Go and put your dates (In heaps) according to their different kinds. The Ajwa on one side, the cluster of Ibn Zaid on another side, etc.. Then call me.'' I did that and called the Prophet He came and sat at the head or in the middle of the heaps and ordered me. Measure (the dates) for the people (creditors).'' I measured for them till I paid all the debts. My dates remained as it nothing had been taken from them. In other narrations, Jabir said; The Prophet said, ''He (i.e. Abdullah) continued measuring for them till he paid all the debts.'' The Prophet said (to Abdullah), ''Cut (clusters) for him (i.e. one of the creditors) and measure for him fully.''

May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017

Narrater: (Ata bin Yasar) Hadidth No: (335)

I met Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-'As and asked him, ''Tell me about the description of Allah's Apostle which is mentioned in Torah (i.e. Old Testament.'') He replied, Yes. By Allah, he is described in Torah with some of the qualities attributed to him in the Quran as follows: ''O Prophet ! We have sent you as a witness (for Allah's True religion) And a giver of glad tidings (to the faithful believers), And a warner (to the unbelievers) And guardian of the illiterates. You are My slave and My messenger (i.e. Apostle). I have named you ''Al-Mutawakkil'' (who depends upon Allah). You are neither discourteous, harsh Nor a noise-maker in the markets And you do not do evil to those Who do evil to you, but you deal With them with forgiveness and kindness. Allah will not let him (the Prophet) Die till he makes straight the crooked people by making them say: ''None has the right to be worshipped but Allah,'' With which will be opened blind eyes And deaf ears and enveloped hearts.''

May 28, 2017

Narrater: (Nafi) Hadidth No: (334)

Ibn Umar told us that the people used to buy food from the caravans in the lifetime of the Prophet. The Prophet used to forbid them to sell it at the very place where they had purchased it (but they were to wait) till they carried it to the market where foodstuff was sold. Ibn Umar said, The Prophet also forbade the reselling of foodstuff by somebody who had bought it unless he had received it with exact full measure'

May 27, 2017

Narrater: (Abu Huraira Ad-Dausi) Hadidth No: (333)

Once the Prophet went out during the day. Neither did he talk to me nor I to him till he reached the market of Bani Qainuqa and then he sat in the compound of Fatima's house and asked about the small boy (his grandson Al-Hasan) but Fatima kept the boy in for a while. I thought she was either changing his clothes or giving the boy a bath. After a while the boy came out running and the Prophet embraced and kissed him and then said, O Allah! Love him, and love whoever loves him.'

May 26, 2017

May 25, 2017

Narrater: (Anas bin Malik) Hadidth No: (331)

While the Prophet was in the market, somebody, called, ''O Abu-l-Qasim.'' The Prophet turned to him. The man said, ''I have called to this (i.e. another man).'' The Prophet said, ''Name yourselves by my name but not by my Kuniya (name).'' (In Arabic world it is the custom to call the man as the father of his eldest son, e.g. Abu-l-Qasim.) (See Hadith No. 737, Vol. 4)

May 24, 2017

Narrater: (Abu Huraira) Hadidth No: (330)

Allah's Apostle said, ''The congregational prayer of anyone amongst you is more than twenty (five or twenty seven) times in reward than his prayer in the market or in his house, for if he performs ablution completely and then goes to the mosque with the sole intention of performing the prayer, and nothing urges him to proceed to the mosque except the prayer, then, on every step which he takes towards the mosque, he will be raised one degree or one of his sins will be forgiven. The angels will keep on asking Allah's forgiveness and blessings for everyone of you so long as he keeps sitting at his praying place. The angels will say, O Allah, bless him! O Allah, be merciful to him!' as long as he does not do Hadath or a thing which gives trouble to the other.'' The Prophet further said, ''One is regarded in prayer so long as one is waiting for the prayer.''

May 23, 2017

Narrater: (Aisha) Hadidth No: (329)

Allah's Apostle said, ''An army will invade the Ka'ba and when the invaders reach Al-Baida', all the ground will sink and swallow the whole army.'' I said, ''O Allah's Apostle! How will they sink into the ground while amongst them will be their markets (the people who worked in business and not invaders) and the people not belonging to them?'' The Prophet replied, ''all of those people will sink but they will be resurrected and judged according to their intentions.''

May 22, 2017

May 21, 2017

Narrater: (Hakim bin Hizam) Hadidth No: (327)

The Prophet said, ''Both the buyer and the seller have the option of cancelling or confirming the bargain unless they separate.'' The sub-narrator, Hammam said, ''I found this in my book: Both the buyer and the seller give the option of either confirming or cancelling the bargain three times, and if they speak the truth and mention the defects, then their bargain will be blessed, and if they tell lies and conceal the defects, they might gain some financial gain but they will deprive their sale of (Allah's) blessings.''

May 20, 2017

May 19, 2017

May 18, 2017

May 17, 2017

Narrater: (Hakim bin Hizam) Hadidth No: (323)

The Prophet said, ''The buyer and the seller have the option of cancelling or confirming the bargain unless they separate, and if they spoke the truth and made clear the defects of the goods, them they would be blessed in their bargain, and if they told lies and hid some facts, their bargain would be deprived of Allah's blessings.''

May 16, 2017

Narrater: (Ibn Umar) Hadidth No: (322)

Allah's Apostle said, ''The seller and the buyer have the option of cancelling or confirming the deal unless they separate, or one of them says to the other, Choose (i.e. decide to cancel or confirm the bargain now).'' Perhaps he said, Or if it is an optional sale.' '' Ibn Umar, Shuraih, Ash-Shabi, Tawus, Ata, and Ibn Abu Mulaika agree upon this judgment.

May 15, 2017

May 14, 2017

May 13, 2017

May 12, 2017

Narrater: (Aisha) Hadidth No: (318)

(mother of the faithful believers) I bought a cushion with pictures on it. When Allah's Apostle saw it, he kept standing at the door and did not enter the house. I noticed the sign of disgust on his face, so I said, ''O Allah's Apostle! I repent to Allah and H is Apostle . (Please let me know) what sin I have done.'' Allah's Apostle said, ''What about this cushion?'' I replied, ''I bought it for you to sit and recline on.'' Allah's Apostle said, ''The painters (i.e. owners) of these pictures will be punished on the Day of Resurrection. It will be said to them, Put life in what you have created (i.e. painted).' '' The Prophet added, ''The angels do not enter a house where there are pictures.''

May 11, 2017

May 10, 2017

May 9, 2017

May 8, 2017

Narrater: (Abu Musa) Hadidth No: (314)

Allah's Apostle said, ''The example of a good companion (who sits with you) in comparison with a bad one, is I like that of the musk seller and the blacksmith's bellows (or furnace); from the first you would either buy musk or enjoy its good smell while the bellows would either burn your clothes or your house, or you get a bad nasty smell thereof.''

May 7, 2017

May 6, 2017

Narrater: (Amr) Hadidth No: (312)

Here (i.e. in Mecca) there was a man called Nawwas and he had camels suffering from the disease of excessive and unquenchable thirst. Ibn Umar went to the partner of Nawwas and bought those camels. The man returned to Nawwas and told him that he had sold those camels. Nawwas asked him, ''To whom have you sold them?'' He replied, ''To such and such Sheikh.'' Nawwas said, ''Woe to you; By Allah, that Sheikh was Ibn Umar.'' Nawwas then went to Ibn Umar and said to him, ''My partner sold you camels suffering from the disease of excessive thirst and he had not known you.'' Ibn Umar told him to take them back. When Nawwas went to take them, Ibn Umar said to him, ''Leave them there as I am happy with the decision of Allah's Apostle that there is no oppression . ''

May 5, 2017

Narrater: (Ibn Abbas) Hadidth No: (311)

Ukaz, Majanna and Dhul-Majaz were markets in the Pre-lslamic period. When the people embraced Islam they considered it a sin to trade there. So, the following Holy Verse came:– There is no harm for you if you seek of the bounty of your Lord (Allah) in the Hajj season.'' (2.198) Ibn Abbas recited it like this.

May 4, 2017

Narrater: (Jabir bin Abdullah) Hadidth No: (310)

I was with the Prophet in a Ghazwa (Military Expedition) and my camel was slow and exhausted. The Prophet came up to me and said, ''O Jabir.'' I replied, ''Yes?'' He said, ''What is the matter with you?'' I replied, ''My camel is slow and tired, so I am left behind.'' So, he got down and poked the camel with his stick and then ordered me to ride. I rode the camel and it became so fast that I had to hold it from going ahead of Allah's Apostle . He then asked me, have you got married?'' I replied in the affirmative. He asked, ''A virgin or a matron?'' I replied, ''I married a matron.'' The Prophet said, ''Why have you not married a virgin, so that you may play with her and she may play with you?'' Jabir replied, ''I have sisters (young in age) so I liked to marry a matron who could collect them all and comb their hair and look after them.'' The Prophet said, ''You will reach, so when you have arrived (at home), I advise you to associate with your wife (that you may have an intelligent son).'' Then he asked me, ''Would you like to sell your camel?'' I replied in the affirmative and the Prophet purchased it for one Uqiya of gold. Allah's Apostle reached before me and I reached in the morning, and when I went to the mosque, I found him at the door of the mosque. He asked me, ''Have you arrived just now?'' I replied in the affirmative. He said, ''Leave your camel and come into (the mosque) and pray two Rakat.'' I entered and offered the prayer. He told Bilal to weigh and give me one Uqiya of gold. So Bilal weighed for me fairly and I went away. The Prophet sent for me and I thought that he would return to me my camel which I hated more than anything else. But the Prophet said to me, ''Take your camel as well as its price.''

May 3, 2017

May 2, 2017

May 1, 2017

Narrater: (Abu Hazim) Hadidth No: (307)

Some men came to Sahl bin Sad to ask him about the pulpit. He replied, ''Allah's Apostle sent for a woman (Sahl named her) (this message): Order your slave carpenter to make pieces of wood (i.e. a pulpit) for me so that I may sit on it while addressing the people.' So, she ordered him to make it from the tamarisk of the forest. He brought it to her and she sent it to Allah's Apostle . Allah's Apostle ordered it to be placed in the mosque: so, it was put and he sat on it.

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