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Narrater: (Ibn Abbas) Hadidth No: (672)

When Allah's Apostle and his companions came to Mecca, the pagans circulated the news that a group of people were coming to them and they had been weakened by the Fever of Yathrib (Medina). So the Prophet ordered his companions to do Ramal in the first three rounds of Tawaf of the Ka'ba and to walk between the two corners (The Black Stone and Yemenite corner). The Prophet did not order them to do Ramal in all the rounds of Tawaf out of pity for them.

Jan 28, 2016

Narrater: (Ibn Abbas) Hadidth No: (671)

When Allah's Apostle came to Mecca, he refused to enter the Ka'ba with idols in it. He ordered (idols to be taken out). So they were taken out. The people took out the pictures of Abraham and Ishmael holding Azlams in their hands. Allah's Apostle said, ''May Allah curse these people. By Allah, both Abraham and Ishmael never did the game of chance with Azlams.'' Then he entered the Ka'ba and said Takbir at its corners but did not offer the prayer in it.

Jan 27, 2016

Al-Quran- Sura No(14), Ayat(22)

And Satan saith, when the matter hath been decided: Lo! Allah promised you a promise of truth; and I promised you, then failed you. And I had no power over you save that I called unto you and ye obeyed me. So blame not, but blame me yourselves. I cannot help you, nor can ye help me, Lo! I disbelieved in that which ye before ascribed to me. Lo! for wrong-doers is a painful doom.

Narrater: (Isma'li bin Abu Khalid) Hadidth No: (670)

Abdullah bin Abu Aufa said, ''Allah's Apostle performed the Umra. He performed Tawaf of the Ka'ba and offered two Rakat behind the Maqam (Abraham's place) and was accompanied by those who were screening him from the people.'' Somebody asked Abdullah, ''Did Allah's Apostle enter the Ka'ba?'' Abdullah replied in the negative.

Jan 26, 2016

Al-Quran- Sura No(14), Ayat(21)

They all come forth unto their Lord. Then those who were despised say unto those who were scornful: We were unto you a following, can ye then avert from us aught of Allah's doom? They say: Had Allah guided us, we should have guided you. Whether we rage or patiently endure is now all one for us; we have no place of refuge.

Narrater: (Nafi') Hadidth No: (669)

Whenever Ibn Umar entered the Ka'ba he used to walk straight keeping the door at his back on entering, and used to proceed on till about three cubits from the wall in front of him, and then he would offer the prayer there aiming at the place where Allah's Apostle prayed, as Bilal had told him. There is no harm for any person to offer the prayer at any place inside the Ka'ba.

Jan 25, 2016

09 - Muhammad [SAW] : Hijra To Madina

Finally now Rasullullah saw has a solid base to start spreading the message from with protection and propagate the message of allah swt. He did not just run and go and save himself to go and be the first person to migrate to madina but as a true leader saw made sure that the believers migrate before him and he secures the believers and the muslims entering madina and that’s when the prophet saw migrates after them, before the prophet saw started to make hijra, the people of Makkah started to plot against him, they came together and they started discussing how to deal with the Islamic problem, some of them suggested to throw Muhammad saw to jail, the response was no don’t do that, it’s not a good idea because if you throw him in jail, his followers will come and take him out, they’re going to revolt against us, so the second suggestion came in and that was to exile him, so they said no its not a good idea because his talking is sweet, so he’s going to deceive other people to believe in him and then they’re going to come back to you again so the third suggestion was that of obviously who else, abu jahl he said we should kill him and the way to do is to appoint a strong man from every clan, give him a sharp sword and have them all strike Muhammad at once so that his blood will disperse among the different clans of Makkah so the family of Rasullullah swill not be able to seek revenge then they will ask for blood money and we will be happy to pay them,

Narrater: (Salim that his father said) Hadidth No: (668)

''Allah's Apostle, Usama bin Zaid, Bilal, and Uthman bin abu Talha entered the Ka'ba and then closed its door. When they opened the door I was the first person to enter (the Ka'ba). I met Bilal and asked him, ''Did Allah's Apostle offer a prayer inside (the Ka'ba)?'' Bilal replied in the affirmative and said, ''(The Prophet offered the prayer) in between the two right pillars.''

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08 - Muhammad [SAW] : Preparing For Yathrib

Rasullullah saw after the passing away of abu talib and Khadija and seeing the stalemate that the mission reached in Makkah, even though there were some s converse trickling in but overall it was reaching to a stagnating state and many avenue were being blocked, so the messenger of allah felt the necessity to find an alternative base, somewhere where he can have the freedom to propagate the message, That from the tenth year to the thirteenth year, the focus of the prophet saw was on the people outside Makkah, the prophet Muhammad saw will take advantage of the tribes who are coming outside of Makkah to perform hajj, and the prophet saw will approach them and mainly the prophet saw is to go to them at night, so no one from the non-believers of Makkah that sees the prophet saw talking to anyone will come and humiliate the prophet saw in front of them, az-zuhri states the messenger of allah would for the period of those years present himself to the arab tribes at each fair speaking with each tribal leaders but asking them only for their protection and support, he will say: I don’t wish to force any of you to do anything, any of you who agree to what I ask may do so, but I would not compel anyone not so wishing, all I want is to guard myself against those who want to kill me so that I may fulfil my lords mission and carry out whatever decree he wishes regarding myself and those who support me, what abu lahab the uncle of the prophet saw used to do, sometimes when he used to see the prophet saw talking to tribes in Makkah during the hajj season, he’ll come up to them , he is my nephew and I say to you he’s a liar, not even one tribe accepted islam, then allah swt wanted to spread the light of islam in a city that allah swt had chosen that city to be the best of cities which is yathrib,

Narrater: (Abu Wail) Hadidth No: (664)

(One day) I sat along with Shaiba on the chair inside the Ka'ba. He (Shaiba) said, ''No doubt, Umar sat at this place and said, I intended not to leave any yellow (i.e. gold) or white (i.e. silver) (inside the Ka'ba) undistributed.' I said (to Umar), But your two companions (i.e. The Prophet and Abu Bakr) did not do so.' Umar said, They are the two persons whom I always follow.' ''

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Narrater: (Aisha) Hadidth No: (662)

The people used to fast on Ashura (the tenth day of the month of Muharram) before the fasting of Ramadan was made obligatory. And on that day the Ka'ba used to be covered with a cover. When Allah made the fasting of the month of Ramadan compulsory, Allah's Apostle said, ''Whoever wishes to fast (on the day of Ashura') may do so; and whoever wishes to leave it can do so.''

Jan 18, 2016

07 - Muhammad [SAW] : The Night Journey

 Rasullullah saw after the passing away of abu talib and Khadija, Rasullullah saw went through this most tragic time in his life so it was followed one of the best blessings given to him by allah, and that gift was al-isra wal-mi’raj and let the prophet saw narrate that moment where he says that I was sleeping in the hateem and then out of a sudden Jibril as will come to me, and he’ll wake me up and say o Muhammad get up you are wanted by allah swt, the messenger of allah said I received the vaster an angel who came and opened my abdomen and pulled out my heart and then my heart was placed in a basin filled with faith Eeman and my heart placed in it and washed and then stuffed and then replaced and here the prophet saw will be taken by Jibril and the burqa, what’s the burqa, the buraq a great beast, this beast is above a donkey and under a mule, and he said it was white and it had wings and the speed of the burqa was one step as far the burqa can see, where the prophet saw in seconds he is from masjid al-haram in Makkah two thousands kilometres away to masij al-aqsa Jerusalem and I tied my mount at the gates of al-masjid then I entered and prayed two rak’ah and it states Rasullullah saw was an imam and the people who were following him were the prophets,

Jan 17, 2016

Narrater: (Abu Huraira) Hadidth No: (660)

On the Day of Nahr at Mina, the Prophet said, ''Tomorrow we shall stay at Khaif Bani Kinana where the pagans had taken the oath of Kufr (heathenism).'' He meant (by that place) Al-Muhassab where the Quraish tribe and Bani Kinana concluded a contract against Bani Hashim and Bani Abdul-Muttalib or Bani Al-Muttalib that they would not intermarry with them or deal with them in business until they handed over the Prophet to them.

Jan 16, 2016

Narrater: (Abu Huraira) Hadidth No: (659)

When Allah's Apostle intended to enter Mecca he said, ''Our destination tomorrow, if Allah wished, will be Khaif Bani Kinana where (the pagans) had taken the oath of Kufr.'' (Against the Prophet i.e. to be loyal to heathenism by boycotting Bani Ha shim, the Prophets folk) (See Hadith No. 221 Vol. 5)

Jan 15, 2016

06 - Muhammad [SAW] : Year Of Sorrow

They have won over Hamza bin abdul Muttalib and umar ibn al-khattab; things are getting out of control, they realised they’re not going anywhere with a man like Muhammad saw, we tried to speak to you nicely, we tried to offer you so many offers, we tried to give you this, we tried to give you that, we asked you of this and you refused and we asked you of that and you refused so they made it clear it’s either us or you, it’s either you vanish us or we’re going to vanish you, that’s it and that led them to the signing of the embargo against Muhammad saw because Quraysh now officially requested banu hashim to hand over Muhammad saw to kill him, obviously banu hashim refused, they came out with a new method of torture; a new method of persecution which was the boycott, the leaders of Quraysh got together with abu jahl and ubay ibn khalaf and including abu lahab and agreed to boycott the family of the prophet Muhammad saw to boycott the tribe of abd manaf, their muslims and their non-muslims and the followers of Muhammad saw, of the seventh year after the message began and it was that no one would deal with them, no trade would be conducted between them and no one would marry of them or to them, until they give up the prophet Muhammad saw, they used to hear the weeping and the crying of the children of the family of abd manaf and the muslims from distance away, the women used to scream because there was no food; starvation, and it is reported by sa’ad ibn abi waqqas that we were so hungry that we used to eat leaves of trees and these were mushrikeen by the way bani hashim and bani Muttalib, many of them were non-muslims and they went through all of this why because they refused to hand over Muhammad saw.

Al-Quran- Sura No(14), Ayat(10)

Their messengers said: Can there be doubt concerning Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth? He calleth you that He may forgive you your sins and reprieve you unto an appointed term. They said: Ye are but mortals like us, who would fain turn us away from what our fathers used to worship. Then bring some clear warrant.

Narrater: (Usama bin Zaid) Hadidth No: (658)

I asked, ''O Allah's Apostle! Where will you stay in Mecca? Will you stay in your house in Mecca?'' He replied, ''Has Aqil left any property or house?'' Aqil along with Talib had inherited the property of Abu Talib. Jafar and Ali did not inherit anything as they were Muslims and the other two were non-believers. Umar bin Al-Khattab used to say, ''A believer cannot inherit (anything from an) infidel.'' Ibn Shihab, (a sub-narrator) said, ''They (Umar and others) derived the above verdict from Allah's Statement: ''Verily! those who believed and Emigrated and strove with their life And property in Allah's Cause, And those who helped (the emigrants) And gave them their places to live in, These are (all) allies to one another.'' (8.72)

Jan 14, 2016

Al-Quran- Sura No(14), Ayat(9)

Hath not the history of those before you reached you: the folk of Noah, and the tribes of A'ad and Thamud, and those after them? None save Allah knoweth them. Their messengers came unto them with clear proofs, but they thrust their hands into their mouths, and said: Lo! we disbelieve in that wherewith ye have been sent, and lo! we are in grave doubt concerning that to which ye call us.

Jan 13, 2016

Narrater: (Yazid bin Ruman from Urwa) Hadidth No: (656)

Aisha said that the Prophet said to her, ''O Aisha! Were your nation not close to the Pre-lslamic Period of Ignorance, I would have had the Ka'ba demolished and would have included in it the portion which had been left, and would have made it at a level with the ground and would have made two doors for it, one towards the east and the other towards the west, and then by doing this it would have been built on the foundations laid by Abraham.'' That was what urged Ibn-Az-Zubair to demolish the Ka'ba. Jazz said, ''I saw Ibn-Az-Zubair when he demolished and rebuilt the Ka'ba and included in it a portion of Al-Hijr (the unroofed portion of Ka'ba which is at present in the form of a compound towards the north-west of the Ka'ba). I saw the original foundations of Abraham which were of stones resembling the humps of camels.'' So Jarir asked Yazid, ''Where was the place of those stones?'' Jazz said, ''I will just now show it to you.'' So Jarir accompanied Yazid and entered Al-Hijr, and Jazz pointed to a place and said, ''Here it is.'' Jarir said, ''It appeared to me about six cubits from Al-Hijr or so.''

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Narrater: (Aisha) Hadidth No: (654)

I asked the Prophet whether the round wall (near Ka'ba) was part of the Ka'ba. The Prophet replied in the affirmative. I further said, ''What is wrong with them, why have they not included it in the building of the Ka'ba?'' He said, ''Don't you see that your people (Quraish) ran short of money (so they could not include it inside the building of Ka'ba)?'' I asked, ''What about its gate? Why is it so high?'' He replied, ''Your people did this so as to admit into it whomever they liked and prevent whomever they liked. Were your people not close to the Pre-lslamic Period of ignorance (i.e. they have recently embraced Islam) and were I not afraid that they would dislike it, surely I would have included the (area of the) wall inside the building of the Ka'ba and I would have lowered its gate to the level of the ground.''

Jan 10, 2016

Narrater: (Aisha) Hadidth No: (653)

(the wife of the Prophet) that Allah's Apostle said to her, ''Do you know that when your people (Quraish) rebuilt the Ka'ba, they decreased it from its original foundation laid by Abraham?'' I said, ''O Allah's Apostle! Why don't you rebuild it on its original foundation laid by Abraham?'' He replied, ''Were it not for the fact that your people are close to the pre-lslamic Period of ignorance (i.e. they have recently become Muslims) I would have done so.'' The sub-narrator, Abdullah (bin Umar ) stated: Aisha must have heard this from Allah's Apostle for in my opinion Allah's Apostle had not placed his hand over the two corners of the Ka'ba opposite Al-Hijr only because the Ka'ba was not rebuilt on its original foundations laid by Abraham.

Jan 9, 2016

Narrater: (Jabir bin Abdullah) Hadidth No: (652)

When the Ka'ba was built, the Prophet and Abbas went to bring stones (for its construction). Al Abbas said to the Prophet, ''Take off your waist sheet and put it on your neck.'' (When the Prophet took it off) he fell on the ground with his eyes open towards the sky and said, ''Give me my waist sheet.'' And he covered himself with it.

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