Jan 15, 2016

06 - Muhammad [SAW] : Year Of Sorrow

They have won over Hamza bin abdul Muttalib and umar ibn al-khattab; things are getting out of control, they realised they’re not going anywhere with a man like Muhammad saw, we tried to speak to you nicely, we tried to offer you so many offers, we tried to give you this, we tried to give you that, we asked you of this and you refused and we asked you of that and you refused so they made it clear it’s either us or you, it’s either you vanish us or we’re going to vanish you, that’s it and that led them to the signing of the embargo against Muhammad saw because Quraysh now officially requested banu hashim to hand over Muhammad saw to kill him, obviously banu hashim refused, they came out with a new method of torture; a new method of persecution which was the boycott, the leaders of Quraysh got together with abu jahl and ubay ibn khalaf and including abu lahab and agreed to boycott the family of the prophet Muhammad saw to boycott the tribe of abd manaf, their muslims and their non-muslims and the followers of Muhammad saw, of the seventh year after the message began and it was that no one would deal with them, no trade would be conducted between them and no one would marry of them or to them, until they give up the prophet Muhammad saw, they used to hear the weeping and the crying of the children of the family of abd manaf and the muslims from distance away, the women used to scream because there was no food; starvation, and it is reported by sa’ad ibn abi waqqas that we were so hungry that we used to eat leaves of trees and these were mushrikeen by the way bani hashim and bani Muttalib, many of them were non-muslims and they went through all of this why because they refused to hand over Muhammad saw.


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