Jan 18, 2016

07 - Muhammad [SAW] : The Night Journey

 Rasullullah saw after the passing away of abu talib and Khadija, Rasullullah saw went through this most tragic time in his life so it was followed one of the best blessings given to him by allah, and that gift was al-isra wal-mi’raj and let the prophet saw narrate that moment where he says that I was sleeping in the hateem and then out of a sudden Jibril as will come to me, and he’ll wake me up and say o Muhammad get up you are wanted by allah swt, the messenger of allah said I received the vaster an angel who came and opened my abdomen and pulled out my heart and then my heart was placed in a basin filled with faith Eeman and my heart placed in it and washed and then stuffed and then replaced and here the prophet saw will be taken by Jibril and the burqa, what’s the burqa, the buraq a great beast, this beast is above a donkey and under a mule, and he said it was white and it had wings and the speed of the burqa was one step as far the burqa can see, where the prophet saw in seconds he is from masjid al-haram in Makkah two thousands kilometres away to masij al-aqsa Jerusalem and I tied my mount at the gates of al-masjid then I entered and prayed two rak’ah and it states Rasullullah saw was an imam and the people who were following him were the prophets,


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