Jul 23, 2015

David [Dawud] AS

Bani Isra’il For About Five Hundred Years; Five Centuries, Disorder, Divisions, Disputes, Fighting Among Each Other, No Respect, No Dignity, No Honour, Was Going On For Five Centuries Until Allah SWT Sent Talut And From After Talut Dawud AS, And They Went In To Wars With Many Different Civilisations And States And They Lost Them Wars, They Were Going To Fight Jalut And Jalut Was One Of The Strong And Most Powerful Leaders At That Time, And They Say Jalut He Was Amalik, Those Gigantic People That Had No Chance To Beat, A Huge Army Was Fighting This Small Army, Jalut Was The King Of The Enemy, Who Dares To Fight Me? Talut Said: Who Will Go Out And Get Rid Of Him, Who Will Eliminate Jalut? He Didn’t Get Any Response, A Young Man; Short Man Came Up To Talut And He Said: I Will And Dawud AS Didn’t Have A Sword Or A Weapon, He Had A Sling Shot, Dawud AS Put Three Rocks In That Sling Shot, Turned It So Hard And Threw It In Jalut, One Of Them Rocks Hit The Forehead Of Jalut Which Is A Sensitive Part Made Jalut Die Collapse In The Floor, He Was A Nabi And A King, He Was Bust Establishing The Kingdom Fighting The Enemies, With Establishing Justice, Even Though He’s Doing All Of This, Look At What Rasullullah SAW Says He’s Doing, The Best Fasting Is The Fasting Of My Brother Dawud, He Would Alternate The Fasting Throughout His Life And The Best Of Prayers Is The Prayers Of Dawud And Rasullullah SAW Says Something Else About This Nabi Of Allah SWT, Rasullullah SAW Says: He Would Never Run Away From A Battle, If He’s In A Battlefield, Dawud Would Never Show The Enemy His Back,


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