Jul 27, 2015

Household Of Abraham [Ibrahim] AS

Father Of The Prophets Ibrahim AS [Abraham], Ibrahim Is Accepted By Everyone, look At The Christians, The Jews, Respected By Everyone, Looked Up To By Everyone, He Was An Honest And Truthful And Trustworthy Prophet, Grew Up In An Environment Where He Sees His Father Early In The Morning, Goes And Makes Different Idols And Statues For People To Come And Worship, He Said: What Are These Images To Which You Are Devoted? What Are These Idols, Do They Hear You When You Call On Them, Or Do They benefit You or Harm You, They Said: Nay But We Find Our Fathers Doing So, Then Ibrahim Said Silently To Himself, By Allah I Shall Plot And Plan To Destroy Your Idols After You Have Gone Away And Turn Your Backs, Ibrahim Followed Through His Plan, he Got His Axe And Went In To The Temple, He Destroyed All Of Tehir Idols Except For The Large Big One, When They Came Back From A Happy Festival, Something Shocked Them So They Start To Ask Around, Who Committed Such An Evil Crime, They Told Him O Ibrahim, Are You The One Who Did This To Our Lords? If They Are Lords, Go And Ask Them, The Big Idol, the Big Lord Is Not Cut So I Thing He’s Still Alive, And His Got The Axe In His Hand, He Probably The One Who Did It, What Are You Saying? Are You Making Fun Of Us? You Know They Don’t Speak And You Know They Don’t Hear And You Know They Don’t Listen So Ibrahim Said: So Then Why Do You Worship Then For, Every time Allah SWT Told Him To A Certain Action And To Do Some Things, He Fulfilled It, Every Single Aspect, Every Single Command, He Didn't Have Anybody With Him, He Was Alone But Ibrahim As Counts As A Nation As A Whole Ummah, Allah SWT Says Ibrahim Was A Ummah And Allah SWT Says About Ibrahim I Will Make You An Imam A Leader For Mankind, Someone Who Will Be A Role Model For Everyone To Follow, All Of The Anbiya Of Allah SWT And The Rusul That Came After Ibrahim Were From The Descendants Of Ibrahim,


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