Jul 20, 2015

Solomon [Sulaiman] AS

Sulaiman AS Is The Son Of Dawud, Sulaiman Became The Heir Of Dawud, he Inherited His Father Dawud, What Did Sulaiman Inherit From His Father? He Inherited From Him Prophet Hood And Kingdom, He Said O Allah Give Me A Kingdom That Will Occur To Nobody Else After Me, Verily You Are The Bestower, And Allah SWT Granted That Kingdom To Sulaiman AS, Two Muslims Ruled The World And Two Non-Muslims Ruled The World, the Two Muslims Are Sulaiman And Dhul Qarnain And The Two Non-Muslims Are Bakht Nasr And Nimrod And The Most Powerful one Out Of All Of Them That Really Ruled The World And Had The Powerful Is Sulaiman And Sulaiman AS Was Granted Many of The Great Miracles, From Among That Sayyidina Sulaiman Had Control over The Wind For A Distance Of One Month And We Made A fountain Of Brass To Flow For Him, This Brass Will Come Out Molten, He Can Mould It In Whatever Form He Wants And Also The Devils From the Jinn, Every Kind Of Builder And Diver, Anyone One Of These Jinn That Will go Against Sulaiman Will Be Punished, Allah SWT Also Taught him The Language Of Birds, he Understood What The Animals Speak, And This Is A Miracle, It’s Not Something That You Could Learn And Allah SWT Had Gathered Together Unto Sulaiman AS The Armies From Mankind And The Jinn And The Birds, He Was A Powerful Leader That Allah SWT Has Given Him To Sulaiman AS, Allah Here Is Commanding The Family of Dawud; Dawud And His Son To Give Thanks, They Said: All The Praises And Thanks Be To Allah Who Has Preferred Us Above Many Of His Believing Slaves, Only A Few Of My Servants Are Thankful And Grateful.


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