Jul 20, 2015

Salih And The Nation Of Thamud

Thamud Had Denied And Rejected The Call Of The Messenger And That Messenger Is Salih AS, They Used To Respect Him So Much, They Know Who He Is, His Background, His Family, His Descendants, So Salih Was One Of The Noble People Among The People Of Thamud, And Suddenly Salih Presented Them With The Message Of Islam, They Started To Turn Against Him, OK Salih; Then Bring To Us A Sign, We Want A Miracle, You Call Yourself A Prophet, We Want A Miracle, What Sign Do You Want? They Got To Choose Their Miracle, You See This Rock Over Here, We Want You To Produce Out Of It A Living Camel, Suddenly Out Of This Rock And The People Of Thamud Are Watching, A Huge She-Camel Came Out But Don’t You Dare To Harm It, Don’t You Dare To Harm It, Don’t Dare You Dare To Do Anything Wrong To It Or Else, Allah Will Punish You A Severe Punishment, But There Were Some Conspiracies Occurring, Out Of The Whole Nation Of Thamud, The Ones Who Conspired To Kill The Camel Were Nine, So They Made Their Move And Then They Attacked It With Their Sword And Killed It, So Now Bring Us The Punishment You Promised, Salih Came Out And Told His People: You Have Three Days To Enjoy Yourselves, And Then The Punishment Came, Allah Shook The Ground Under Them, From The Terror And The Fear They Fell On Their Knees And Couldn’t Move, Then The Second Punishment Would Follow A Severe Thunder That Made Them Collapse On The Ground And Then The There Was The Sayha, Every Single One Of Them Was Destroyed By Allah SWT, Thamud Disbelieved In Their Lord, So Away With Thamud.


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