Jul 7, 2015

Bilal Ibn Rabah RA

Lecturers: Shaykh Zahir Mahmood, Yusuf Badat And Ustadh Murtazah Khan.

What Was Bilal Before Islam? Bilal Was A Slave But Then Bilal RA Left The Servitude Of Man, the Slavery Of Man And Became The Slave Of Allah SWT, He Was One Who Struggled And Strived For The Cause Of Allah SWT, And It’s Mentioned In His Traits That he Was A Man That The Prophet SAW Kept On Bringing Him Closer And Closer And Closer, But Yet Made Him the Most Beloved To The Prophet Muhammad Saw Whereby The Prophet Muhammad SAW Said About Him, Ya Bilal I Heard Your Footstep In Paradise, What Was It That Made Me Hear Your Footsteps In Paradise? He Said: Its Nothing Special About Me, Every time I Make Wudu I Make Two Units Of Prayers, Those Were The Footstep Of Bilal In Paradise, Bilal Ibn Rabah; when Rasullullah SAW Passed Away, He Left The City Of Madinah, You Know Why? Because He Said: I could Not Stand The City Of Al-Madinah Without Muhammad SAW, Every Street Will Remind Of Muhammad SAW, Every Outer Wall Will Remind Me Of Him, Every Corner Of The City Will Remind Me Of Him, He Left The City Of Madinah, And Then One Night Bilal RA Was Sleeping And He Saw A Dream And In The Dream He Saw The Messenger Of Allah SAW And The Messenger SAW Said: O Bilal What Is It That You Never Come To Visit Us And He Woke Up And He Travelled Towards Madinah At A Hurried Pace And Then He Went To The Grave Of The prophet SAW And He Looked At The House Of Aisha And He Cried And While He Was Crying; Weeping And Hasan And Hussain They Came And He Start Crying More Because Rasullullah Loved Them RA, And They Said: Ya Bilal; Just One Last Adhan For You To Remind Us Of Rasullullah SAW, Just One Last Adhan, Allow Me Please Forgive Me, I Can Not Call The Adhan, They Said: Just One Last Adhan, They Are The Grandchildren Of Rasullullah SAW, Call The Adhan For The Sake And He Went To Call The Adhan;

He Ascended To The Place Where He Used To Perform; The Call To Prayer With Rasullullah SAW, The People Erupted In Madinah, revived, They Remembered The Sound Of Adhan In His Days SAW, I Bear Witness That There Is No God But Allah, The Men Exited Their Houses And Shops, As Bilal Reached: I Bear Witness That Muhammad Is The Messenger Of Allah, He Choked And Wasn’t Able To Finish The Call To Prayer, He Descended From His Place And The Narrator Says: I’ve Never Seen A Day In Madinah More Full Of Sorrow And Lamenting After His [SAW]Death.


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