Jun 8, 2015

Joseph [Yusuf] AS

Who Is The Most Noble Of Man, Rasullullah SAW Said: It Is Yusuf The Noble, The Son Of The Noble, The Son Of The Noble, The Son Of The Noble, The Father Of Yusuf Is A Prophet, His Grandfather Is A Prophet And His Great Grandfather Is A Prophet, And He’s A Prophet Himself, It’s Yusuf As, the Son Of Yaqub, The Son Of Ishaq, The Son Of Ibrahim AS, Yusuf AS One Day When He Was A Young Child, Verily I Saw IN A Dream Eleven Stars And The Sun And The Moon, I Saw Them Prostrating Themselves For Me, Yaqub Told His Son Yusuf, he Told Him O Son, Don’t You Dare Go And Mention This Story To Your Brothers, Why? Lest They Arrange A Plot Against You, The Father Knew That This Dream means That Yusuf Will Attain Very High Levels And The Father Knew That This Is Something The Brothers Will Not Accept Because They Were Already Jealous Of Yusuf And We’ll See How Bad The Jealousy Was, The Ten Brothers Got Together And Realised This Is Going Overboard, Our Father Always Favours Yusuf And Favours Binyamin, We Are The Young And Strong One And What’s Yusuf Compared To Us, He Is Only One And We Are Ten And Over All This Our Father Yusuf Favours Yusuf Over Us, This Is Not Acceptable, they Said We Are Gonna Kill Him And Then We Are Gonna Make Tawbah, So They Went To The Father And They Said: O Our Father Why Don’t You Trust Us With Yusuf, We’re Strong Men, We’ll Take Care Of Him, Let Him Come Out Play With Us,


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