Oct 11, 2015

03 - Muhammad [SAW] - Revelation And The Reaction Intro

The time preceding the prophethood of Muhammad saw was a time of darkness, humanity was in dire need of guidance, Rasullullah saw used to spend long periods of time in the cave of hira, nabi saw will be sitting in that small tight cave sighting the Khabah from far and contemplating, wondering, what’s behind life, who is behind this world, can it make sense that people are worshipping idols, they make it with their own hands and then they prostrate to it, that does not make sense, there must be greater than that idols, there’s got to be someone greater than this earth, it’s got to be that’s greeter than this, it’s got to be someone greater than all this and the prophet saw will continue to contemplate and think and think and think, one day he was visited by the angel Jibril as, Jibril as came to Muhammad saw in his original form, so the prophet Muhammad saw would shiver and get scared, who is this, what do you want from me,


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