Jun 9, 2015

Abu Bakr As-Siddiq RA

His Personality Is Amazing, Surprising, Because Whenever You Pull Out A List Of A Good Deed, You Would Find The Name Of Abu Bakr At The Top, Whichever List You Pull Out, You're Gonna Find His Name On There And It's The First Name; He Was The First Muslim, He Was The first Caliph, He Was The First And Only Person To Be With Rasullullah In Hijra, he Was The First On Imaan, Rasullullah SAW Says, The Iman Of Abu Bakr Is Greater Than All The Ummah, I Mean Abu Bakr As Sidiq Ra Was Not Only A Friend, he Was A Companion, An Adviser, A Financial Supporter, A Body Guard, A Confident, He Was Everything For Muhammad SAW, How Was It So Abu Bakr, As An Amir As The Head Of A State, Amirul Mu'mi My Dear Brothers And Sisters, How Is It That He Will Travel Every day, He Would Travel Every day After Fajr To A Blind Elderly Persons House And Clean Her House And Prepare Her Children, Tend To Her Animals, She Didn't Even Know Who He Was, Who This Man Was, What This Man Did, All She Knew That A Man Came And Provided For Her, Such Was The Love That Abu Bakr RA Had For Allah SWT, If There Was Nothing Else That Regarding Abu Bakr, Only This Statement, It Would Have Sufficed, The Prophet SAW Said: Whoever Has Done Me A Favour In This Dunya, I Have Repaid The Favour, As For Abu Bakr Allah Will Repay Him On The Day Of Judgement And Then The Prophet SAW Says: All Of Doors To The Masjid Should BE Closed Beside The Door Of Abu Bakr RA And The Messenger SAW Passes Away And Abu Bakr Is At The House OF His Wife And He Hears And He Comes To The Masjid And The Sahaba Are In A State Of Confusion, I Often Say Why Wasn't Abu Bakr On That Day, Now It Was Turn For Abu Bakr To Be The Caliph, To Be The Man, To Lead The Muslims.


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