Jun 4, 2015

Noah [Nuh] AS

At The Time Of Nuh AS; Nuh Was The Only Muslim Worshipping Allah SWT Alone At That Time, Every One Beside Nuh Is A Mushrik, What Was The Message Of Nuh? Allah SWT Says And Indeed We Sent Noah To His People And He Said I Have Come To You As A Plain Warner That You Worship None But Allah, Be Dutiful To Him And Obey Me, O People Say: La Ilaha Ilallah, O People Leave The Worship That You Are Worshipping And Turn To Allah SWT, And He Said To Them: Ask Forgiveness From Your Lord Verily He Is Oft Forgiving, He Will Send Rain To You In Abundance And Give You Increase In Wealth And Children And Bestow On You Gardens And Bestow On You Rivers, He Told Them See You Not How Allah Has Created Seven Heavens One Above The Other And Has Made The Moon Alight Therein And Made The Sun A Lamp And Allah Has Brought for You Forth The Dust Of The Earth Afterwards You Will Return You In To The Earth And Bring You Forth Again In The Day Of Resurrection And Allah Has Made For You The Earth Widespread That You May Go About Therein In Broad Roads, O My Lord I Called My People During The Day Night And Every Single Hour And Minute Of The Day And Night, I Called Them In The Open, I Called Them In Closed, I Called Them In The Day, I Called Them At Night, I Went To Their Houses, I Went To Their Gatherings, I Spoke To Them Individually, I Spoke To Them in Groups And They All Run Away From Me, The More Da’wah He Makes, The More They Fly Away From Him, The More Da’wah He Gives Them, The Worse The Situation Becomes, Difficult; Very Difficult, And Verily Every Time I Called Them To Them That You Might forgive Them, They Thrust Their Fingers In To Their Ears; Cover Themselves Up With Their Garments And Persisted In Their Refusal And Magnified Themselves In Pride, He Would Give Them Da’wah, He Would BE Speaking To Them And They Will Put Their Fingers In Their Ears Or They Would Cover Themselves With Their Clothes And They Would Be Arrogant And Proud, Nuh Did This For Nine Hundred And Fifty Years, Nuh Was Doing The For Nine Hundred And Fifty Years, Nine Hundred And Fifty Years He’s Making Da’wah Night And Day, He’s Speaking To Closed Ears But He Had Patience, He Had Patience For Nine Hundred And Fifty Years, Nine Hundred And Fifty Years, He Lived For Much Longer Than That; He Live For Up To One Thousand Two Hundred Years, Even More Than That, It’s Been Narrated That The Maximum Narration, It Says That The Followers Of Nuh In Nine Hundred And Fifty Years Did Not Exceed Eighty People, Nine Hundred And Fifty Years And Nuh Only Had Eighty People; Eighty People, Some Narration Even Ten People,


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