Jun 4, 2015

Jahannam [Hellfire]

The First That Happens To This People When He Is On His Death Bed, His Family Is Sitting All Around Him, The Angel Of Death Descends Upon This Person, You Are Surrounded By Your Family But You Feel So Alone Because Only You Can See These Angels, And You Are Trying Say To Your Family, Help Me, Help Me, But They Can't Help You, Then He Says, O Evil Soul Come Out To The Anger Of Allah And His Punishment, You're In Your Grave And You Can Hear Your Families Footstep As They Leave You But Do You Have Anywhere To Run, Do You Have Anywhere To Hide, Do You Have Anything Protect Yourself With, The Fire Of Jahannam, It Enter In To His Grave And His Grave It Squeezes Him So Tight Until His Ribs Begin To Close On One Another. The Coming Of Hellfire, And Hellfire Brothers And Sisters Is Not A Pit, It Is A Roaring Raging Beast That Is Held Down By 70,000 Chains Holding Each Chain Is 70'000 Angels, There Is No Scene More Terrifying On The Day Of Judgement Than That Scene, Every Creation Of Allah, Martyrs, Prophets, Believers, Nonbelievers, They Will Fall To Their Knees, All They Are Saying Is: O Allah Protect Us, O Allah Protect Us, And The Hellfire Is A Place Of The Most Extreme Suffering, The Most Extreme Pain, Of Every Level That You Can Imagine, Physical, Mental, Spiritual Pain And Suffering And Torment, The People Will Cry In Agony For Water, They Will Cry For Drink, Something To Cool Them And They Will Be Given A Water, They Will Be Given A Drink, But It Is A Boiling Water, That Will Scold Their Faces And Burn Their Inside, This Is The Hellfire. The Guardian Of Hellfire Is Maalik, He's Never Smiled Since The Hellfire's Created, He Has No Remorse, He Has No Feeling Of Sensitivity, He Is Desensitize To All Types Of Horror, No Feelings, Doesn't Feel Sorry For Anyone, Hellfire Is Something Not To Be Taken Lightly, Saying O Our Lord, Please Take Us Out, Take Us Out And Let US Try, Give Us Another Chance, If We Do This Again, Then We Are Truly Oppressors To Ourselves, And Allah Doesn't Even Reply To Them, Allah Doesn't Speak To Them, So Some People Have False Hope, God Will Forgive, God Will Forgive Me, You're Sick, You're Ill, You Need To Cure Yourself, God Can Not Be Fooled SWT.


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