Jun 22, 2015

Cain And Abel [Qabil And Habil]

Allah SWT Gave Adam AS And Hawwa Children, Its Narrated In Many Hadith That Hawwa Carried Many Stomachs And Each One Of Them Was A Twin, So She Always Carried Twins, A Boy And A Girl Every time, There’s Was Nothing Else For Brothers And Sisters To Getting Married, The Only Haram Thing That Was In Shariah Adam, The Boy And The Girl From The Same Pregnancy Can’t Get Married To Each other, So Its Gonna Have To Be A Boy And A Girl From A Different Pregnancy, The First Child To Be Born Was A Boy By Name Of Qabil And Straightaway In The Same Stomach Was A Sister, So They Were Twins, Qabils Twin Sister Was Beautiful, Whereas Qabil Was Not Very Handsome, After Him Came Habil, And He Also Had A Twin Sister But Habil Was Little Bit More Handsome And His Twin Sister Wasn’t As Attractive, Adam AS Decreed That Habil Would Marry The Sister Of Qabil And Qabil will Marry The Twin Sister Of Habil, Qabil Wasn’t Satisfied Because His Sister That Came From The Pregnancy Was Not Better Looking That The Sister Of Habil That Came From The Same Pregnancy As Habil, So Qabil Refused To Marry Off To His Sister To Habil And Held Grudge And Hatred Against His Brother Habil, Also Qabils Nature Was Very Tough And Rough, Habil Was More Humble And Lean And Iblis Is Right There, He’s Thinking To Himself, How Easy This First Test Is Gonna Be, Habil Tried To Advise Him, Fear Allah SWT, This Is A Decree, Now Adam AS Knew About This And He Brought Them Together, Why Don’t You Both Go And Offer And Offering,


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