May 25, 2015

The Major Signs

Rasullullah SAW Says The Major Signs Are Beads In A String; When The String Is Cut; All Of Them Will Fall Down; So The 10 Signs Are Very Close To Each other, What Are The 10 Signs? Ad-Dajjal; The False Messiah; There's No Trial; No Tribulations Since The Creation Of Adam Until The Day Of Judgement Greater Than The Trial And Tribulation Of Ad-Dajjal. The Descendancy Of Eesa Ibn Maryam SAW; In The Name Of Allah He Is Now Alive And Then He Will Descend; He Will Break The Cross; This Symbolises His Disapproval Of The Shirk That Happened In His Name; And Ya'juj And Ma'juj We Have No Idea Where They Are And When Ya'juj And Ma'juj Come Out, They Will Pour From Every Direction, From Everywhere They Will Be Pouring Down; Swarming From Every Direction, So Their Numbers Are Huge, And Three Earthquake Or Earth Swallowing, One In The East One In The West And One In Arabian Peninsula And These Are Major Earthquakes It Could Be An Earthquake That Take All Of The Western United States Off The Map; Ad-Dukhan; Smoke, Wait Until Smoke Comes Down From The Heavens And This Smoke Is Punishment For The Non-Believers; The Rise Of The Sun From The West; Allahu Akbar; What A Day; Everyone Wants To Repent To Allah, Everyone Now Wants To Become A Believer, Everyone Wants To Return Back To Allah, Everyone Wants To Seek Allah's Forgiveness, Too Late, You Had Your Chance No More Repentance The Doors And The Gates Of Repentance Are Shut; Ad-Dabbah; The Beast, A Beast That Will Come Out Of Earth, It Will Speak, People Understand It; It Says You're A Believer; Mu'min And You're A Disbeliever, Kaafir, And In The End There Will Be A Fire That Comes Out From Yemen And It Would Push The People Of The Land Of Mahshar; The Land Of Mahshar Will Be Where The Accountability Will Be Held The Day Of Judgement.


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