May 24, 2015

Judgement Day

The Angel Will Blow In To The Trumpet; And Every Living Creature On The Face Of The Earth Will Be Shocked, When The Hour Comes; Everything Will Die, They Would See Mountains Exploding; They Would See The Oceans Burning In Flames; They Would See The Stars And The Moons And The Planets Falling Down And Knocked Out Of Their Orbits, The Earth Under Their Feet Will Be Shaking, The Sky Above Their Heads Is Cracking Open; The People Around Them Are Running As If They Are Drunk, They Are Not Drunk But The Punishment Of Allah Is Severe; Imagine The State Of These People What It Will Be Like And That's Why They Would Say: Woe Be To Us! How Will You Save Yourself From A Day If You Disbelief How Would You Save Yourselves From A Day That Will Make A Young Child Grey headed; Because Of The Horrors That That Child Will See On The Day Of Judgement, What Will Happen To Us Insisting On Sinning Day And Night; That Day Shall A Man Flee From His Brother, And From His Mother And From His Father; And From His Wife And His Children, Every Man That Day Will Have Enough To Make Him Careless Of Others. On The Day Of Judgement, When They See The Reality, You See That's The problem, We Are Not Aware Of The reality, Were Living In A Dream, That Is The Day That Is The Great Day; Allah Will Ask The Angel Of Death; Who Is Left Alive? Take The Soul Of Israfil, Take The Soul Of Mika'il, Take The Soul Of Jibril, Take The Soul Of The Angel Throne Of Allah And Allah Will Ask: Who Is Left? The Angel Of Death Will Say: Me And You Ya Allah And You Are The One That Does Not Die And In A Narration Allah Will Tell The Angel Of Death Go And Take Your Own Soul And Then Allah Will Ask: Who Is Left But No One Will Answer: Who Is Left But No One Will Answer, This Is How It Started, This Is How It Will End, Nothing Alive, No Atom, No Cell Nothing There Except SWT; The Creator Of All Things.


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