May 24, 2015

Jannah [Paradise]

What Do You Wish For? What Do You Wish For? Do You Wish For A Beautiful Wife Or A Gorgeous Husband? Do You Desire A Beautiful Mansion And Lots Of Money? Is That What You Desire? Or Do You Anticipate To Reach A Firm Life Long Career? Do You Anticipate That? If This Is What Is Yearning For? Longing For? Missing? And Being Anxious About; I'm Sad To Say Brothers And Sisters That You Are In A Very Great Loss Because When You Die, You Just Going To Have To Leave Everything Behind You, Subhanallah, So You Made It Through The Gates Of Jannah, You Went Through That You Will Know Your Place In Jannah More Than You Knew Your House In Dunya And You're Passing By All Of These Wonderful Scenes In Jannah But You're Heart Is Attached To Your House, You Wanna Go And See What Allah Has Reserved For You So You Make It Through The Winding Roads Until You Get To Your Property And You See This Huge Mansion, A Brick Of Gold And A Brick Of Silver, You're Getting Closer And Closer To Your Palace And Then You See Something That Makes You Freeze In Your Track And You Become Immobile And You Can't Move Any Further Because Of The Stunning Beauty Of What You Have Seen And That Is Your Wife In Jannah, Dear Sisters First Of All, Let's Get It Straight That In Jannah You'll Have No Bad Feelings, So There's Not Gonna Be Any Jealousy, No Pain, No Suffering, No Despair, Nothing Of This In Jannah, Allah SWT Knows His Creation, He Knows What Men Wants And He Knows What Women Wants And Allah Will Give Everyone What Will Make Them Happy, Allah SWT Tells Us That In Jannah There Are Rivers Of Pure Water, There Are Rivers Of White And Luscious Honey, There Are Rivers Of Pure Milk, And There Are Rivers Of Wine, Wine That Does Not Cause Intoxication, Wine That Taste Like Wine But Doesn't Have The effects Of Wine, There'll Be No Sweat, No Bad Smells, Nobody Has To Take A Bath, Nobody Gets Older, Nobody Gets Tired, There's No Bad Words, Nobody Has To Work, There's No Labour, Nobody Has To Pay For Anything, The Greatest Blessing Of Jannah Is The Blessing Of Looking At The Face Of Allah SWT Himself, On That Day Faces Will be Bright And Shiny, Shining Bright, Why? Because They Will Be Looking At Allah SWT, Paradise Means: Everything In Life That You Ever Imagined That You Ever Wanted You Will Have It There But On The Highest Level, Everybody Will Live Forever And The Words Will Be Peace And If You My Homeboy And We All In Paradise Together, I'll Come Over To Your Palace And We Party Over There, Because What Else Could Paradise Be? But The Best Of Whatever It Is People Want In This Life, That They Can Never Have, That's What Paradise Is, This World Is Nothing, In Comparison To The Aakirah, Except If You Dip Your Finger In The Ocean, So Let You See What Clings To Your Finger, One Dip, And That Ocean Is Paradise.


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