May 24, 2015

The Minor Signs

Lecturers: Sheikh Abdur Raheem Green And Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

The Opening Of Jerusalem; A Death That Will Eat You Away; Like A Certain Illness Or Disease That Afflicts Goats; The Plague, Times Of Trials And Tribulations; Al Fitan, The False Prophets; The Appearance Of A Fire In Hejaz; The Wars With The Turks; The Slave Women Gives Birth To Her Owner; The Shrinking Of Time, Time Will Not Have Any Blessing; The Appearance Of Shirk In This Ummah; Sinking, Stoning And Transformation In To Animals; Lies And Fabrications In Religion; The Sky Rains But Nothing Grows; The Arabian Peninsula Becomes Gardens With Flowing Rivers Again; The Ratio Of Women To Men Increases; The Euphrates River Will Reveal A Mountain Of Gold; The War With Al Yahood; The Jews; The Desire Of Dying; Animals And Objects Speaking; The Battles With The Romans; When People Start Praying And Lose Their Sense Of Trust; When They Consider Lying Expectable; Devour Usury; Take Bribes; Erect Tall Buildings; Follow Desires; Sell Religion For Worldly Gain; Trivialise The Shedding Of Blood; When Clemency Is Seen As Weakness And Tyranny Is Glory; When Leaders Are Profligates And Their minister's Treacherous; Scholars Are Libertines; Injustice Is Everywhere; Divorce Is Prevalent; Sudden Death Become Common; Qurans Are Ornamented; Mosques Are Embellished; Minarets Are Elevated; Hearts Are Desolate; Contracts Are Broken; Entertainment Is Unrelenting; Intoxicants Are Consumed Everywhere; Perversions And Sexual Promiscuity Become Accepted; Traitors Are Trusted And Trusted People Are Deemed Traitors; Women Earn Incomes Like Their Husbands Covetous Of Material Things; Women Travel Like Men; Greeting Occurs Only Between Acquaintances; People Swear Oath Without Being Asked To; Sheep's Clothes Are Worn Over The Hearts Of Wolves And People Natures Are More Bitter Than Aloes; And More Foul That Carrion.


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