May 26, 2015


The Dajjal Is The Greatest Fitna, The Greatest Trial, The Greatest Test From Adam AS Until The End Of Time, The Fitna Of The Dajjal, And People Will Be In Utter Amazement And Awe Of Him, He Will Be Unstoppable And No One Will Be Able To Fight Him, Al Mahdi Would Have No Way Of Competing With Ad Dajjal, Al Mahdi Will Be Alive In That Time, And Al Mahdi Will Be With The Believers In Jerusalem Hiding Away From Him In Their Forts, There's No Way They Can Confront Him, The Dajjal My Dears Brothers Will Live For 40 Days In The Hadis, And He Will Pass Through Every Town And Every Village Calling The People To Accept Him And Worship Him As A Lord, The Prophet Said, The First Day Will Be Like A Year And The Second Day Will Be Like A Month And The Third Day Will Be Like A Week And The Remaining Days Will Be Normal Days, Prophet Muhammad SAW Used To Refer Him As Al A'war, One Who's Blind In The One Eye, That His right Eye Will Be Like A Floating Grape, His Left Eye Will Also Be Defective, And It Will Be Bulging, He Further Went On To Describe His Complexion, Saying That He Will Be Reddy White And His Forehead Will Be Prominent; Protruding And His Neck Wide, He'll Be Short And Stout, Be Young And Very Powerfully Built And His Back Will Be Slightly Hunched And When He Walks His Feet Will Be Set Apart, Not Walking Feet Together Unusually Far Apart And His Hair Will Be Curly; Locks, He Would Also Be Sterile, He Will Not Have Any Children, Prophet Muhammad SAW Went On To Say That Disbelief Will Be Written Between His Two Eyes, Which Will Be Recognisable By Both Literate And Illiterate Believers, The Letter Kaa Faa Raa Will Be Written There, Kaafir; Disbeliever. The Prophet Said About Him, Whoever Hears About The Dajjal Then Keep Your Distance From Him, Do Not Go Out To Him, That The Majority Of Those Who Come Out With Him Will Be Women, Until A Man Will Go Home To His Mum, To His Daughter, To The Women Of The House, To His Sister And He Will Lock Them up Because Of Fear That They Will Go Out To The Dajjal, Dajjal Will Come And He Will Come To Madinah, But It Will Be Haram For Him To Enter The City Of Madinah, So What He Will Do, He Will Camp And Settle On Some Of The Salty Marches That Will Be Outside Madinah And He Won't Be Alone, He Will Have His Army, Is Ad Dajjal Alive? Was He Alive At The Time Of Rasullullah SAW? Is He Alive Now? And The Answer Is: Yes, He Is Alive, And So When They Went There, They Saw A Man Who Was Chained, His Hands Were Tied To His Neck And His Knees Were In Shackles And They Said To Him: Woe Unto You, Who Are You?


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