Jun 16, 2015

Umar Ibn Khattab RA

Dear Brother And Sisters; Umar Is A Special Person, He Had A Unique Personality, History Does Not Produce Men Like Umar, He Was A Man For The Ummah, He Established The Pillars Of Justice, Al Adl, The Truth Flows Naturally On His Tongue, His Intuition Is Always Right, As If The Angels Are Speaking To Him, Rasullullah SAW Says: If There's Gonna Be A Prophet After Me, It Would Be Umar, He Was on His Way To Kill The Prophet SAW, To Kill The Prophet SA And Instead He Accepted Islam And His Love For Allah SWT And His Deen Was SO Great While All The Other Muslims, While All The Other Muslims Were Hiding Their Islam, He Was Ready To Proclaim His Islam, He Was Ready To Tell Everyone This New Ni'mah, This New Nikmah That Allah SWT Bestowed Upon Him, Such Was The Love That He Had With Allah SWT. Shaytan Has Given Up On Umar, There's No Hope, There's No Way, It's Just A Waste Of Time, That's Why Rasullullah Says: Whenever Shaytan See's You Following One Road, He'll Take Another, When The Enemies Of Allah Would Hear About Umar, Their Knees Will Shake And Their Hearts Will Tremble, In Another Occasion When He Was Walking Once With Some Of The Sahabah, He Turned Around And Suddenly There Was A Pregnant Women Behind Him, She Had A Miscarriage. You Know When Umar Ra; When They Conquered Baitul Maqdis Brothers, Jerusalem, The City Of The Anbiyah, When He Received To The Keys To Baitul Maqdis, A Great Honour Bestowed Upon The Muslims, He Called For His Companion Abu Ubaidah Ibn Jarrah, He Says: All Of This Is Because We Kept Away From Sin And Allah Is Gonna Ask Us, What Have We Done To Serve This Deen After The Prophet Saw And How Little We Have Done And Him And Abu Ubaidah They Went Behind A Tree And They Both Started To Weep, How Little We Have Done, They Conquered Jerusalem Brothers And Sisters, In 10 Years Umar Was Khulafah Rashidun The Roman And Persian Empire Had Been Defeated, The Two Super Powers Of The Day, Umar Was Saying Subhanallah, There Was A Day When I Was A Shepard For My Father, And HE Will Beat Me Up, He Will Hit Me And He Was Very Harsh With Me And Now Look At Where Umar Is, Who Would Imagine That This Would Be Give To Umar, The Shepard Of Yesterday.


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