Jun 6, 2015

Maryam RA [Mother Of Jesus]

Lecturers: Sheikh Omar Suleiman, ABdur Raheem Green And Sheikh Shady.

The Wife Of Imran; Hannah Her Name Was, And She Says O Allah I Dedicate What Is In My Womb For You For Your Service And Allah Says And When She Finally Gave Birth, She Gave Birth To A Girl, Allah Knows What She Gave Birth To, It Wasn’t An Accident, She Gave Birth To A Girl For A Reason And She Says O Allah A Boy Is Not Like A Girl But Allah Knows Who This Female Is And This Female Is Maryam AS, The Most Definitive And Defining Quality Off That Noble And Great Women Was Her Chastity, Allah Loved Her And Allah Favoured Her, She’s Chosen By Allah SWT, When She Withdrew From Her Family To A Place Towards The East, Then We Sent To Her One Of Our Angels And He Represented Himself To Her As A Well Proportioned Man, She Says To The Man To The Angel, I Seek Refuge From You Rahman From You, She Says To Him If You Have Taqwa, The Angel Said I Am Only A Messenger From Your Lord To Announce To You The Gift Of A Righteous Son And This Even Made It Worse, How How? How Can I Have A Child When No Man Has Touched Me? If Allah Wants Something To Happen, What Are You Gonna Say? And He Blew In To Her And Eesa Was Created By The Kalima The Word And That Is Kun, Kun Fayakun And She Withdrew With Him Towards Bethlehem And As The Pain Of Childbirth Comes To Her And She Says I Wish I Would Have Died Before This And Been Completely Forgotten, You’re Saying That You never Existed, Allah Is Going To Make You A Legend For All men And All Women, Jibril AS Responds To Her; Don’t Grief, Don’t Grief, You Know What She Went To Her People Carrying The Baby, If Allah’s With Me I Don’t Care, This Isn’t A Punishment, I Don’t Care, So She Goes With her Baby, She Hears Her Baby Speak For The First Time And Defends Her AS.


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