Jun 23, 2015

Ali Ibn Abi Talib RA

Lecturers: Muhammad Al Khoshaibi, Kamal El Makki, Omar Suleiman And Murtaza Khan.

Imam An Nawawi Recorded That Ali RA Did Not Miss Out On A Single Battle With The Prophet SAW Except The Battle Of Tabook, He Was Always At The Forefront Of The Battles And Never Refuse A Duel, He Destroyed Al Walid Ibn Utbah In The Duels Before The Battle Of Badr And In The Battle Of Siffin, They Describe That At One Point He Grabbed You Know His Opponents, He Put One Hand In And Grabbed Him From Underneath His Armour And Lifted Him In The Air And Brought Him Crushing Down Breaking His Neck, Very Very Powerful Man, From His Excellence In Battle He Destroyed A Legendary Legendary Warrior By The Name Of Amr Ibn Abdul Wud. In The Battle Of Khaybar, That He Took A Door, He Actually Held A Door In The Battle Of Khabar, With One Hand While He Fought With The Other One, After He Dropped That Door, 10 Men, It Took 10 Men To Be Able To Pick That Door Of The Ground, A Man One Time Came To Ali RA, He Says: This Man's Trying To Be A Wise Guys, He' Saying: Why Is That At The Time Of Abu Bakr And Umar, There Was No Conflict And At Your Time There's So Full Of Problems, So Ali RA Tells Him; Because At The Time Of Abu Bakr And Umar, They Ruled Over People Like Me And My Time I Rule Over People Like You. Rasullullah Told Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Something Will Happen Between You And Aysha And This Narrated By Imam Ahmad, Ali Ibn Abi Talid Said: Between Me And Aysha? Rasullullah SAW Said: Yes, He Then Said: I Am The Most Unfortunate People, Something Happens Between Me And The Mother Of The Believers Aysha, I Must Be A Very Unfortunate Person, Rasullullah SAW Said: No And Rasullullah SAW Said And When That Happens Then Take Her Back To Safety. Ali Ibn Abi Talib RA; What Do You Think Allowed Him To Spend The Entire Night In Salah, The Entire Night In Ibaadah Of Allah SWT, The Sahabah Said: That They Left Him After Isha In Ruku And They Came Before Fajr And They Found Him In Rukuu Except There Was One Difference, There Was One Difference, That His Beard Was Soaked, His Beard Was Soaked And There Was A puddle Beneath It, What Gave Him The Happiness To Do That, To Pray All Night, He Was One Of The 10 Promised Jannah My Brothers, Ya Allah; Ya Allah.


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