Jun 8, 2015

The Beginning

Rasullullah SAW Said In The Beginning There Was Allah, There Was Nothing Before Him And In Another Narration Nothing Was With Him And His Throne Was On Water And He Wrote In The Tablet Everything And He Created The Heavens And The Earth, The First Thing Allah Created Was The Pen, Then Allah Ordered It To Write So It Wrote Everything That Will Happen Until the Day Of Judgement, Fifty Thousand Years Before He Created The Heavens And The Earth, Everything That You Will Get Is Already Written Down Not Fifty Thousand Years Before This Day But Fifty Thousand Years Before The Heavens And The Earth Was Created, It Is A Done Deal, What You Will Get Is Already Written Down, Are You Still Going To Be Concerned About It? Every Single Thing To Do With The Whole World, Even This Air That Just Went Passed Away For Me To Breath, Its Been Written To Come Pass This Way, That Leave That Was Fall Off That Tree, It’s Also Been Written, That Fish That’s Falling In The Sea, It’s Also Been Written, Every Single Thing My Brothers And Sisters, And Then Allah SWT He Created The Angels, Allah SWT Created The Angels From Light As The Prophet Muhammad SAW Said, Those Angels Are Servants Of Allah SWT, They Serve Allah’s Orders, Everything That Allah Commands Them And They Obey And They Worship Allah SWT, They Do Not Get Tired, These Angels Don’t Have A Desir As Us Human Beings Do, What Do They Do? They Worship Allah SWT, They Continue To Worship Allah SWT Non Stop And They Never Get Tired And There Are So Many Angels, From The Prophet SAW Went On Isra And The Miraj And Went To The Seventh Heaven And He Met Ibrahim AS And Ibrahim AS Was Leaning His Back In The Bayt Al Mamur, And Bayt Al Mamur Is The Sacred Place In Heaven As We Have Khabah The Sacred Place On Earth, The Prophet Muhammad SAW Says: Everyday Allah Creates Seventy Thousand New Angels That Go Pass This BAitul Mamur And Never Come Back, Every Single Day Seventy Thousand New Angels Are Being Created By Allah SWT, Before The Creating Adam Allah Created The Jinn, And The Jinn Lived On Earth Two Thousand Years Before Adam, He Created The Jinn From The Sides Of The Fire And Not The Flame But Even The Sides Of It, They Are Very Strong, They Are Very Powerful And There Were Nations And Tribes And They Were Living And They Were Getting Married And There Was Ancestries And There Were Descendants And So Forth But They Were So Corrupt On Earth, Out Of All Jinn The Only Good One And The Only Obedient One That Turned Out Of All Of Them Was Iblis, Allah Honoured Him And Allah Elevated Him To Be In The Heavens But They Were So Corrupt On Earth And They Shed Blood And They Fought With Each other And They Caused So Much Evil And Then Allah SWT Sent On Them Armies From The Angels And Also Iblis To Fight Against Them And Then They Were Pushed And Cornered To The Islands Of The Ocean, Allah SWT Created This Universe In Six Days, The Prophet Muhammad SAW Took The Hands Of Abu Hurairah And He Told Him O Abu Hurairah Allah SWT Created At-Turbah, At-Turbah Is The Dust Or The Sand, Allah Created That On Saturday And The He Created The Mountains On Sunday And Then He Created The Trees On Monday And Then He Created The Makroob, Al-Makroob Is Like The Germs And The Atoms And All those Things And Allah Created The Makroob On Tuesday, He Created The Light On Wednesday And Then He Let Out All The Animals On Thursday And He Created Adam On Friday After Asr.


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