Jun 29, 2015

Enoch [Idris AS]

Adam AS Had Sheeth And Then From Sheeth He Had Anush Was One Of His Sons, From There Was Kinan, From There Was Mihlail, From Mihlail Was Yarid, His Son Was Kanock, And Kanock Is The Idris As, So Idris Is The Sixth Grandson Of Adam, He Was A Siddiq, He Was Truthful And He Was A Nabi, And We Elevated Him In To A High Level And He Was Born When Adam AS Was Actually Still Living And He Lived The Last Three Hundred And Eighty Five Of His Life But He Wasn’t A Prophet After Adam As, They Say Idris AS Was Tall In Stature, Sixty Cubic Tall And When he Walked His Footsteps Were Long, They Were Big Footsteps And He Walked Calmly And They Say He Spoke Very Little, Whenever He Wanted To Speak, He Would Speak Something Beneficial Words Of Wisdom Or He Will Stay Silent, It Was Not His Nature To Look Constantly Upwards, He Used To Look Downwards Like A Person Who Was Constantly Thinking, So He’d Walk, And He Would Think A lot, Ponder A Lot, Contemplate A Lot, And He Is The First Man To Ever Write With The Pen, So Writing Before Idris Did Not Exist Until Allah SWT Taught Idris How To Write And Idris AS Is The One That Taught People How To Write, He Came As A Prophet Not T Stop People From Shirk Or To Call Them To The Correct Information But Rather To Help Stop And Call People Away From Corruption Which They Knew Were Corruptions.


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