Jul 28, 2015

Abu Qudamah

Abu Qudamah Is A Man Who Gave His Life For The Sake Of Allah, AbuQudamah Is A Man Who Said: My Life Belongs To Allah, And A Young Man Asked Him A Question, Tell Us The Most Amazing Thing You Had Ever Witnessed In Your Life, He Said: I’ll Tell You, Ya Ammi Qudamah, Wait For Me My Uncle And He Found A Fierce Warrior On His Horse Galloping Fiercely Towards Him, He Said: You Don’t Understand, I Made Dua All My Life To Have This Opportunity And I Thought That You Are Gonna Beat Me, Allah Decreed That I Am Going To Meet With You, Alhamdullillah Alhamdullillah, He Said: Ask me What Do You Want? I Want To Fight With You, And I Said To Him, You Just A Boy, Go Back To Your Mother, go back To Your Parents And The Young Boy, He Was Shocked Taken Back, Wallahi My Father Died For The Same Cause That You’re Dying For, Ya Aba Qudamah, Don’t Turn Me Back, My Mother Has Sent Me, And He Said I Had No Choice So I Said To Him, Stay Close To Me And Your Work Is To Prepare Food For The Soldiers, He Said: Fair Enough, I’ll Do That And So The Time Of Lunch Came And The Soldiers Wanted To Eat And He Sent Out This Young Man, his Name Was Muhammad To Go And Prepare The Meal And One Or Two Hours Passed And No food Had Arrived, Abu Qudamah Said: So I Went Searching For Him And Thought What Had Kept Him So Long And When I Arrived I Found The Pot Boiling Around Him And He Was Asleep Beside It I Said: Subhanallah, And Then The Young Boy In His Sleep, He Smiled; And Then He Smiled Bigger And Then I Said: Im Not Gonna Disturb Him And He Start Moving Things And He Woke Up And He Said Aba Qudamah Im Sorry, I forgot The .. Im Gonna Finish It, No You’re Not gonna Finish The Food Just Relax, he Said No I want To Finish, He Said: No, Do You Wanna Cook? Tell Me About What You Saw, he Said: Its Between me And My Allah My Lord, However I’ll Tell You.


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