Jul 13, 2015

Hud And The Nation Of Aad

The People Of Aad Were Humongous People; Gigantic People, Very Strong, Very Tough And Very Smart, And As A Society And A Nation And A Civilisation, He Has Provided You With Livestock And Given Them Man Power And Given Them Agriculture And He Has Provided Them With An Ample Supply; Good Supply Of Water, That Is As A Society And Then They As Individuals Allah SWT Gave Them A Powerful Structure, They Ruled All The Land Around Them That’s How Strong They Were, No One Can Face Them And To Aad The Brother Hud, What Was His Message? O My People Worship Allah, The First Thing They Did Was; They Rejected Him And They Rejected His Warnings, Can’t You Look How Strong We Are, Who Is Stronger Than Us, Even Your Own Lord Is Not Even Stronger Than Us, See They Not That Allah Who Created Them Was Mightier In Strength Than Them And Allah Said In A Little While They Are Sure To Be Regretful, The People Of Aad Looked Above Them One Day They Were In Need Of Water And They Saw Clouds Coming To Them And They Said: O Look Here Comes The Cloud; A Blessing, Little They Knew That This Cloud Was The Punishment Of Allah, So We Sent Upon Them Furious Wind In Days Of Evil Omen For Them, It Destroys Everything That It Passes Over Which Allah Imposed On Them For Seven Nights And Eight Days In Succession; No Chance To Even Breath, Behold Aad Disbelieved In Their Lord So Away With Aad The People Of Hud, I Advised You But You O People Do Not Like The Ones Who Advise You,


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