Jul 26, 2015

Lot [Lut] AS

Lut AS Was Sent To The Most Difficult Of Duties That You Can Think Of, He Was Sent To A People Who Were The Most Degenerated Of Moral Values On The Face Of The Earth That Time, they Would Rob The Travellers, They Will Cause Corruption In The Land, They had Very Perverted Hearts, And The People Of Lut Completely Lost A Concept Of Shame, They Had No Shame, And Lut Saw Those Actions, It Was Tough For Him, It’s Tough For Us To Just hear It, Can You Imagine Someone Like Lut AS To Be In Such Place, He Was Sent For A Tough Job And That Was To Call The People Of Sadum, Not One Single Person; Man Or Woman, Not One Of Them Accepted His Call, So Lut AS; He Made Dua; O Allah Save Me And My Family From What They Do And Ya Allah Give Me Victory Over What They Do And Ya Allah Support Me Over What They Do, In Another Part Of The World, Ibrahim AS Received Three Guests, He Started Feeling Mistrust Towards Them, They Said: Do Not Be Afraid, We Are Messengers Of Allah Sent To The People Of Lut, The Punishment of Allah Is Coming On Them, We Saved Lut And His Daughters In The Middle Of The Night Except An Old Woman Who Stayed With the Disbelievers That Was His Wife, The Punishment Came In The Morning; A Severe Punishment, What Was That Punishment My Brothers And Sisters In Islam, Jibril AS With the Edge Of His Wing Will Grab The Whole City; Lift It Up All The Way To The Heavens And He Twisted That Whole Land And Collapsed It All On The Ground And Then it Rained Upon Them Rocks; Rocks Of Fire; They Ignite, And Then The Sayha; The Awful Cry Attacked The People Of Lut, Allah SWT Has Never Ever Combined Such A Punishment On Any People In History,


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