Jul 18, 2015

Narrater: (Ibn Abbas) Hadidth No: (432)

The Prophet said, ''Allah has made Mecca a sanctuary (sacred place) and it was a sanctuary before me and will be so after me. It was made legal for me (to fight in it) for a few hours of the day. None is allowed to uproot its thorny shrubs or to cut its trees or to chase its game or to pick up its fallen things except by a person who announces it publicly.'' On that Al-Abbas said (to the Prophet), ''Except Al-Idhkhir for our goldsmiths and for our graves.'' And so the Prophet added, ''Except Al-Idhkhir. '' And Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet said, ''Except Al-Idhkhir for our graves and houses.'' And Ibn Abbas said, ''For their goldsmiths and houses.''


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