Jul 14, 2015

Salahuddin Al Ayyubi RA

Many Of Them Sided With The Crusaders And They Released A Man Who Was The Greatest Arch Enemy Of Islam; A Man Called Renals De Chatillon And What This Man Do; Soon As He Mastered Up An Army; He Marched Upon Makkah, And When Salahuddin Heard This; He Dispatched An Army Under Hisham Ibn Lu'Lu, And Took A Navy And He Annihilated The Army Of Reganald And Four Years After This; Again When The Muslims And The Christian Had A Truce; Regenald Attacked A Muslim Caravan Travelling To Egypt To Syria, And When Then Salhuddin Heard This, He Again Took An oath That He Would Kill This Man With His Own Hand And It Was Upon This Occasion That Salahuddin Bought Forth An Army And This Is The Famous Battle, The Battle Of Hittin, He Changed The Landscape Of History And Imam Az Zahabi RA Says Something Profound Here, He Says, This Was The Greatest Victory For The Muslims Since In Sham, Since Khalid Bin Waleed Defeated The Romans And The Battle Of Yarmouk And SalahUddin RA Didn't Ease Up Here, Two Days Later, He Was In Acre North, Then They Took Turan, Haifa, Arsoos, Beirut, Nablus And A Number Of Other Places; He Would Cry At The Apathy Of Muslim Leaders And By Allah We Cry At The Apathy Of The Muslim Leaders Today, All Those Problem Which Existed In The Time Of Salahuddin; All Exist Today, The Only Thing Different Is That there Is No Salahuddin To Bring The Ummah Together And The Salahuddin RA Marched On His Greatest Aim In Life The People Loved Salahuddin, He Won Their Heart, he Was The True Leader, He Showed Love And Compassion To People, He Was A Muhammadi, He Was Mu'min, The Only Language That He Understood Was The Language Of The Qur'an, The Only Language That He Understood Was The Language Of Islam And Imaan, This Was The Kind Of Man Salahuddin Was, He Wasn't Just A Warrior, He Was A Man Of Allah SWT, The Good Loved Him, The Bad Loved Him, The Muslims Loved Him, The Non-Muslims Loved Him, Everybody Loved Salahuddin And What Did This King Leave Behind Him, King Of Egypt, King Of Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, What Did He Leave Behind Him? He Left One Dinar And 47 Dhirhams, Some Armour And A Horse, This Is All He Left Behind Him, They Had Borrow Money For His Janazah But I Tell You What He Left Behind Him, He Left A Legacy Behind Him; He Left A Legacy Behind and On His Tomb, They Wrote, O Allah As His Final Victory, Open For Him The Gates Of Jannah.


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