Jul 21, 2015

Imam Al Mahdi RA

I Saw In A Dream Something Very Strange; A Group Of People Of My Ummah; Meaning Muslims, Will Intend To Attack The Khabah, Very Strange, Why? Because A Man From My Descendant From The Quraysh Has Sought Refuge In It And As They Are Camped Outside Of Makkah At A Place Called Baidah, Allah SWT Will Cause The Earth To Open Up And Swallow The Entire Army. There Will Be Great Confusion In The World, There Will Be Great Confusion Amongst The Muslims, There Will Be Absolutely Violent Deaths Taking Place, Killing, Killing Upon Killing, And There Will Be Disputes Everywhere, There Will Be Disturbance And There Will Be Fear, Fear People Not People Want To Come Out Of Their Homes, They Will Lock Themselves And There Will Be Many Many Wars, Many Wars And Fitan Upon Fitan, That There Will Be Trial And Tribulation Upon Trial Upon trial Upon Trial To The Extent That When Somebody Will Go For Trial Will Think And Another One Will Appear, That Until The Hadith Says; Until A Person Will Move Passed The Grave And He Would Say I Wish That I Was In His Place, This Is How Severe The Fitna Is Going To Be, This Is Just Before The Time Of When Imam Mahdi Comes, There Shall Come Black Flags From The East And Then A War Shall Ensue Between The Muslims, That No Nation Has Ever, The Severity of The War, No Ummah Has Ever Undergone Such A Severe War, So He' Saying Black Flag Will Come From The East Meaning The Lands Of Khurasan, So When You See The Black Flags, Give Ba'iah [Allegiance] To The Mahdi Even If You have To Crawl On Snow To Get To Him, He Shall Be The Leader of The Entire Muslim Ummah, The Prophet SAW Said: That The Matters Of This Ummah Shall Be Controlled By One Person From My Progeny, The Whole Ummah Shall Be Controlled By One Person My Prodginy And We Also Know That He Shall Enjoy The Greatest Khilafah Ever Know To The Muslims, Better Than Umayyad, Better That The Abbasids Better Than The Ottomans Better Than All The Other Khalifahs That We Had, the Prophet SAW Said That There Will Come A Time When The Mahdi Will Come He Shall Give Money To Everybody And Not Fear Poverty, Not Even Count It And He Said The Fruits Shall Grow, And The Crops Shall Produce And Everybody Shall live In Security And Peace, this Is After The Mahdi Spreads Justice After The Injustice And He Shall Prepare The Lands For The Coming Of Eesa Ibn Maryam And When The Coming Of Eesa Ibn Maryam, The Major Sighs Of Day Of Judgement Will Start, And The Day Of Judgement Will Be Literally Round The Corner.


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