Sep 18, 2015

01 - Muhammad [SAW] Intro

I Mean You Have A Man Who For Forty Years Was Leading A Normal Life Suddenly He Becomes A Political Leader, Military Leader, Religious Leader, Law Maker, Teacher, Imam, All Of That Was Done Within Twenty Three Years, Impossible, Right Now We’re Studying The Life Of The Greatest Man That Ever Set Foot On This Earth, And This Man Is Muhammad SAW, Muhammad Was A Man That Came Fourteen Hundred Years Ago In To An Environment In Seventh Century Arabia Where Men Were Burying Their Daughters Alive And He Stopped This Evil Practise, When Women Were Being Abused, Prostitution Was Rife, It Was Everywhere, There Was Injustice, There Was Economic Injustice And Muhammad Upon Whom Be Peace Came And Brought Peace And Tolerance And Justice Not Only To The Seventh Century But To The Whole World, 

People were rude to him, the desert Arabs were rude to him and he never returned their rudeness with rudeness, he smiled in their faces, he returned their bad manners with good character, he said: keep relations with those who cut you off, and do good to people even if they harm you, and speak the truth even if it is against yourself,


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