Sep 13, 2015

Hayatus Sahabah (The Lives Of The Sahabah) - Volume 2

Hayatus Sahaba is a masterpiece on the Lives of the Sahaba. Hayatus Sahaba is a tome written by Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhelwi (RA) which consists of more than 2000 pages chronicling events and incidents involving the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) and his Companions (may Allah be pleased with them), it is meticulously categorized by the common lessons and morals these incidents symbolise. 

The author in producing Hayatus Sahaba has organised together a vast amount of information to paint a vivid picture of the struggle for Da'wah of the Sahabah, and their training by the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), a picture meant to leave an inedible mark on the reader 

The Author has relied mainly on Authentic Hadith and Works of renowned Classical Scholars in compiling this information and it is widely accepted and used in Islamic Universities throughout the world including Saudi Arabia, Europe, Asia, the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa when studying the lives of the Sahabah.

This electronic edition is a new, reviewed translation and takes advantage of the Kindles searching, indexing, bookmarking and highlighting abilities. Edited by Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias of South Africa it is perfect for those who are studying Islam or the casual reader who wants to know more about the life of the illustrious companions of the Prophet (SAW).

' I have not the least ability and competence to write an introduction to this book because the learned compiler is among the high ranking scholars and sincere and pious personalities of this age.' From The Introduction by Shaykh Abul Hasan Ali Al-Nadwi

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