Jun 15, 2015

Adam AS

Why Would You Want To Create A Creation That Will Cause Mischief On Earth And Let Them Kill One Another And You’ve Got Us, We Are Those Who Glorify You, And Those Who Always Worship You And Those Who Obey You, There’s No Need For This Creation O Allah And Iblis He’s Starting To Think Here, What Is So Special About This Creature That God Had Created, He Said: I’m Better Than You, You’re Not Gonna Be Better Than Me, Do Whatever You Want, He Is Our Enemy From Day One, Adam Is Not Even Alive Yet, It’s Just A Body That Is Lying There, Allah SWT Blew The Soul In To Adam, Eat From This Paradise Anything You Desire, But See This Tree Over There, You Are Not Allowed To Come Near It, You Will Both Become Among The Ones Who Have Oppressed, Iblis LA Will Come To Adam, O Adam Why Don’t You Eat From This Tree, Adam Will Say Audhubillah [Seek Refuge From Allah], Go Away, So Iblis Realised That It’s Very Hard To Deceive Adam, So What Did He Do? He Went To Hawwah,


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