Aug 30, 2015

Jesus [Eesa] AS Intro

Mary Went Outside Towards The East And She Took In Seclusion A Screen And Then We Sent To Her One Of Our Angels And He Represented Himself To Her As A Well Proportioned Man, She Said: Indeed I Seek Refuge In The Most Merciful From You If You Should Fearing God, And He The Angels Said: I Am Only The Messenger Of Your Lord To Give You News Of a Pure Boy, And She Said How Can I Have A Boy While No Man Has Touched Me And I Have Not Been Unchaste, he Said: Thus It Will Be, Your Lord It Is Easy For Me, We Will Make Him A Sign To The People And A Mercy From Us And It Is A Matter Decreed, So Jibril Is Telling Her That This Nothing You Can’t Argue With, it’s Already Done, The Angel Jibril Came To Maryam And He Blew In To Her And Eesa Was Created By The Kalima, The Word: Kun Fayakun, That’s How Sayyidina Eesa Was Created, So She Became Pregnant,


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