Aug 15, 2015

Jonah [Yunus] AS

Sabihil Hut Sayyidina Yunus AS, Sayyidina Yunus AS Was Sent To A Town in Iraq, He Made Dawah To His People Calling Them To Allah SWT As Usual They Did Not Respond And They Were Harsh On Him, The Scholars Say That the Population That The People He Was Sent To They Was About One Hundred And Twenty Thousand People And Yunus AS He Warned And Warned And Warned His People From A Punishment That Allah SWT Will Sent On Them And Yunus AS Continued To Call Them And Then Yunus AS Got Angry From Them An He Walked Away Without The Permission of Allah SWT, He Got So Angry With His People He Walked Away, And He Wants To Get As Far As Possible So He Went To The Sea And He Took A Boat To Go On The Sea SO It Will Take Him As Far As Possible From These People That He Despised, Wind Picked Up, Waves Were Getting Higher And Higher, It Was A Storm, The People Who Were On That Boat, they Decided In Order For Us To Survive We Have To Get Rid Of Our Luggage, They threw All Of Their Luggage, That Wasn’t Enough So Now They have To Sacrifice One Of The Men In Board But Who Do We Throw, No one’s Going To Accept; Me, So What Did They Do?


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