Aug 11, 2015

Khadija RA [Wife Of Muhammad]

Lecturers: Sheikh Abdur Rahim Green, Sheikh Abdur Nasir Jangda, Sheikh Shady And Omar Suleiman.

Khadija RA Who Was An Wealthy Women, Who Was Sought After By The Nobleman Of Quraysh, She Said: I Want To Marry You, And Rasullullah SAW Agreed, Rasullullah SAW Was 25 And She Was 40, The Difference Was 15 Years, Khadija Was Not honoured By Allah Because She Was A Businesswomen, She Was Honoured By Allah Because How She Cared And Nurtured And Helped And Supported Rasullullah SAW As A Good Wife, This Is How She Was Honoured In Islam, the First Believer, His Strongest Supporter, His Rock, he Goes Home To Her And He Grabs Her By The Hand And He Says: Come On I Have To Share Something With You, I Have To Show You Something, Amazing, And He Takes Her There And They Make Wudu Together, And Then He Stands Up With Her And Now Follow After Me And He Shows Her How To Pray And They Pray Together, When People Rejected Him, When They Cursed Him And Sweared At Him, And It Would Actually Hurt Him, Every Single Time He Dealt With Some Difficulty Out There, He Went Back Home To Khadija And Khadija Was There To Hold His Hand And To look Him In Eyes And To Tell Him: You Are Are The Prophet Of Allah, You Are The Messenger Of Allah, You Preach The Truth, You Keep Doing What you Have To Do, Rasullullah SAW Loved Her So Much, Jibril Descended On Muhammad SAW And Said: Khadija’s Gonna Approach You Now And She’s Carrying Some Food, When She Arrives Tell Her: That Allah Is Giving Her Salam And Tell Her That I Am Giving Her Salam And Give Her The Glad Tidings Of A Palace In Paradise, When The Prophet SAW Tells Khadija RA, She Breaks Down In To Tears, That God Says Salam To Me, He Knows Who I Am, He Send Salam To Me, This Is Who Khadija Was, Tell Us About Khadija, Tell Us About Khadija Some Young Companions And The Prophet SAW Said: It’s Like Saying, She Was And She Just She Just Was, Where Do You Want Me To Start, Where Do I Begin? I Can’t Even Put It In To Words, I Don’t Even Know What To tell You, She Was So Amazing, I Can’t Explain It To You, You Had To See Her, You Had To Know Her, you Had To Experience It To Realise How Amazing And How Remarkable She Was, The Roof Over Our Heads, The Food That We Will Eat, The Air That We Breathe, The Years That We Lived, The Minutes And The Hours That We Spent, God Gave Me Her Love From The Heavens, Her Love Was Devine, She Was The Mother Of My Children, She Was The Love Of My Life And The Mother Of My Children, That’s Who She Was, That’s Love.


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