Jan 21, 2016

08 - Muhammad [SAW] : Preparing For Yathrib

Rasullullah saw after the passing away of abu talib and Khadija and seeing the stalemate that the mission reached in Makkah, even though there were some s converse trickling in but overall it was reaching to a stagnating state and many avenue were being blocked, so the messenger of allah felt the necessity to find an alternative base, somewhere where he can have the freedom to propagate the message, That from the tenth year to the thirteenth year, the focus of the prophet saw was on the people outside Makkah, the prophet Muhammad saw will take advantage of the tribes who are coming outside of Makkah to perform hajj, and the prophet saw will approach them and mainly the prophet saw is to go to them at night, so no one from the non-believers of Makkah that sees the prophet saw talking to anyone will come and humiliate the prophet saw in front of them, az-zuhri states the messenger of allah would for the period of those years present himself to the arab tribes at each fair speaking with each tribal leaders but asking them only for their protection and support, he will say: I don’t wish to force any of you to do anything, any of you who agree to what I ask may do so, but I would not compel anyone not so wishing, all I want is to guard myself against those who want to kill me so that I may fulfil my lords mission and carry out whatever decree he wishes regarding myself and those who support me, what abu lahab the uncle of the prophet saw used to do, sometimes when he used to see the prophet saw talking to tribes in Makkah during the hajj season, he’ll come up to them , he is my nephew and I say to you he’s a liar, not even one tribe accepted islam, then allah swt wanted to spread the light of islam in a city that allah swt had chosen that city to be the best of cities which is yathrib,


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