Mar 19, 2016

Narrater: (Salim) Hadidth No: (722)

Abdul Malik wrote to Al-Hajjaj that he should not differ from Ibn Umar during Hajj. On the Day of Arafat, when the sun declined at midday, Ibn Umar came along with me and shouted near Al-Hajjaj's cotton (cloth) tent. Al-Hajjaj came Out, wrapping himself with a waist-sheet dyed with safflower, and said, ''O Abu Abdur-Rahman! What is the matter?'' He said, If you want to follow the Sunna (the tradition of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) ) then proceed (to Arafat).'' Al-Hajjaj asked, ''At this very hour?'' Ibn Umar said, ''Yes.'' He replied, ''Please wait for me till I pour some water over my head (i.e. take a bath) and come out.'' Then Ibn Umar dismounted and waited till Al-Hajjaj came out. So, he (Al-Hajjaj) walked in between me and my father (Ibn Umar). I said to him, ''If you want to follow the Sunna then deliver a brief sermon and hurry up for the stay at Arafat.'' He started looking at Abdullah (Ibn Umar) (inquiringly), and when Abdullah noticed that, he said that he had told the truth.


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