Apr 23, 2016

Narrater: (Abdullah bin Abu Bakr bin Amr bin Hazm) Hadidth No: (757)

Abdullah bin Abu Bakr bin Amr bin Hazm that Amra bint Abdur-Rahman had told him ''Zaid bin Abu Sufyan wrote to Aisha that Abdullah bin Abbas had stated, Whoever sends his Hadi (to the Ka'ba), all the things which are illegal for a (pilgrim) become illegal for that person till he slaughters it (i.e. till the 10th of Dhul-Hijja).' '' Amra added, Aisha said, It is not like what Ibn Abbas had said: I twisted the garlands of the Hadis of Allah's Apostle with my own hands. Then Allah's Apostle put them round their necks with his own hands, sending them with my father; Yet nothing permitted by Allah was considered illegal for Allah's Apostle till he slaughtered the Hadis.' ''


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