Jan 11, 2017

Narrater: (Abdullah bin Amr) Hadidth No: (197)

Allah's Apostle was informed that I had taken an oath to fast daily and to pray (every night) all the night throughout my life (so Allah's Apostle came to me and asked whether it was correct): I replied, ''Let my parents be sacrificed for you! I said so.'' The Prophet said, ''You can not do that. So, fast for few days and give it up for few days, r ray and sleep. Fast three days a month as the reward of good deeds is multiplied ten times and that will be equal to one year of fasting.'' I replied, ''I can do better than that.'' The Prophet said to me, ''Fast one day and give up fasting for a day and that is the fasting of Prophet David and that is the best fasting.'' I said, ''I have the power to fast better (more) than that.'' The Prophet said, ''There is no better fasting than that.''


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